Oct 212015

We are pleased to announce the selection of teachers and classes for our 2016 TWH conference and celebration atop New Mexico’s mind-blowing Sky-Island.

It’s been harder and harder to make selections each year, as we struggle to balance our championing of new voices with our desire to bring back a core group of vital teachers that just keeps growing.  And hard it is to tell dozens of hopeful folks with great proposals that we cannot fit them in.  Even with 5 classes per slot, the spaces quickly fill up, with applications us receiving teacher application 1 to 2 years before each TWHC.

As always, we sought a balance of topics as well as personalities, with emphasis on their uniqueness as well as usability.  As usual, none of the 52 classes will be less than 1.5 hours in length, with the ticket price covering 14 in-depth 3 hour long intensives.  A full list of teachers can be found on the poster below, including the returning Paul Bergner.  Welcome back, Pablo.

Advance Tickets will go on sale Dec. 1st, a full $100 discount off of the Sept. price.

Imagine classes on bioregional herbalism, setting up a free clinic, doing effective intakes, plant identification, making potions, reading pulse, medical cannabis, herbs for Trans folks, dealing with Lyme’s disease, herbal activism and plant conservation, herbal cocktails for medicine and pleasure, and and and….

The complete 2016 Class titles will be announced in the November issue of Herbaria ezine, which you can subscribe to for free at: www.PlantHealer.org

2016 TWHC Poster-72dpi

Finally, the 2015 TWHC Class Essays Ebook is now available for sale to all, and can be found on the newly revised Bookstore page at: www.PlantHealer.org

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