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There is no doubt that this year’s Plant Healer event was more exciting than ever, with a record 345 folks – the sweetest, most vision filled, most diverse ever!  For many it had not only the feeling of coming home to a tribe and way of being, but also like a movement in which we co-create an alternative healthful alternative culture.  To see pictures and read about it, go to the Plant Healer website splash page and enter your name and email address on the left of the screen:


The 2017 Good Medicine Confluence

June 14-18 • Durango, SW Colorado

Over 80 classes by Over 40 teachers!

Now our attention goes to 2017’s all new Good Medicine Confluence, a broadened and colorful palette of topics under the motto “The Art of Healing, The Savoring of Life.” Stretched to FIVE full days, there will be over. As always, what we make available to you will be specially tailored to this tribe and mission, unique classes found nowhere else, creating with unique you a one-of-a-kind experience. The intention of every class will be to empower us, “enabling” action, manifestation and fulfillment long after the Confluence is over.


Please check out and share online this pdf about the new event:

2017 Good Medicine Confluence Invite

The location is incredible, lodging cheaper than ever, and we can hold many more people and include many more teachers and classes. Can you believe 80 classes, and not only by herbalists?

The new Good Medicine website is designed, up and ready to be viewed, at:


$100 Discount on Tickets

In 2017 you more than twice as many classes for about the same price as before!

In addition, you can get a full $100 discount if you purchase your tickets before the end of the year. Deadline: Dec 30th

Vend or Sponsor

For the first time we have room for lots of vendors besides sponsors, and you can get vendor tables, free tickets and more by becoming a Good Medicine Confluence Sponsor. Download and check out:

2017 Good Medicine Confluence Sponsor Info & Application

2017 Good Medicine Confluence Vendor Application


2017 Teachers & Classes

As always, it is difficult to get a balance between our longtime teacher cadre and the new voices that we want to rotate in and give a venue to, or the balance of information and inspiration.  At this point our herbalism class slots are basically filled, even if we have not agreed on topics and titles, and now sadly we have to start turning down proposals from folks we honor and love. We’ll save them for ’18!

We are still open to hosting teachers known for distillation, brewing, botanical dyes, cultivation secrets, cannabis edibles etc., with an invite to indigenous teachers and herbalists of color. If you or someone you recommend would like to apply, please fill out and return as soon as possible:

2017 Good Medicine Confluence Teacher Application


Here are just some of our already confirmed teachers, and what they will be offering in this eclectic and empowering mix:


Paul Bergner:

Comparative Materia Medica: Herbal Affinity Groups or Specific Medication?   1.5 hrs

A New Look at an Old Devil: The Risks & Benefits of Coffee   1.5 hrs

Sam Coffman:

The Art of the Free Clinic 1.5 hrs

Herbal Wound & Infection Management in the Field or at Home 1.5 hrs

Percolation Tinctures, Oxymels, Syrups & Simple Formula Making 1.5 hrs

Betsy Costilo-Miller:

Shifting our Story- Working with Body Dysmorphia and Eating Disorders 1.5 hrs

The Language of Lymph1.5 hrs

Sean Donahue:

Tryptamines: Human & Wild 3hrs

Oppression & Expression: Herbs for Chronic Stress Among The Oppressed 1.5 hrs

Thomas Easley:

The Hepatic System: Herbs & The Liver 1.5 hrs

Comparing Herbal Dosage Strategies, Past & Present 3 hrs

Lisa Ganora:

Cannabis Extraction – 1800s Pharmacist Style 3 hrs

Charles “Doc” Garcia:

The Secrets of Herbal Shotgun Syrup 3hrs

Amy Glasser

To Be Announced

Shana Lipner Grover:

Smokable Herbs 1.5 hrs

Topics in Wildcrafting (with Dara Saville) 1.5 hrs

Jesse Wolf Hardin:

ReWilding 1.5 hrs

The Calling: Purpose, Mission, & Role 1.5 hrs

Kiva Rose Hardin:

BrambleSong: A Bardic Approach to Herbcraft 1.5 hrs

Fairy Thorns: Walking The Third Road With Firethorn, Hawthorn, & Blackthorn   3 hrs

Kathleen Harrison:

To Be Announced 1.5 hrs

To Be Announced 1.5 hrs

Marija Helt

Plants of the Southern Rockies Plant Identification Walk 3 hrs

Favorite Substitutes for Osha 1.5 hrs

Medicinal Shroomery in the Southern Rockies 1.5 hrs

Stephany Hoffelt:

Working With Sexual Assault Survivors (with Alanna Whitney) 1.5 hrs

Being the Bean Feasa: Women As Keepers of Knowledge 1.5 hrs

Nam Joti Kaur:

To Be Announced 1.5 hrs

Guido Masé:

To Be Announced 1.5 hrs

To Be Announced 1.5 hrs

To Be Announced 1.5 hrs

Katherine “Kat” MacKinnon:

Plant Identification Walk: Medicinal Plants of The Mountains & Mesas 3 hrs

Weaving the Wild: Making Baskets for Gathering & Storage 1.5 hrs

From Seed to Seed: The Science & Spirit of Growing Your Own Herbs 1.5 hrs

Jim McDonald:

Sanguine Temperament: Inspired Action 3hrs

Ow! My Fucking Back!: Using Herbs for Back & Joint Pain 1.5 hrs

Gut Healing Teas 1.5 hrs

Joshua Paquette:

Colorado Materia Medica 3hrs

Neurognostics: Gathering Knowledge From the Heart of The World 1.5 hrs

Missy Rohs:

How to Afford Herb School: Involving Community and Embracing Creativity 1.5 hrs

Herbal Remedies in Times of Oppression: Nervines for When the World Overwhelms 1.5 hrs

Ramona Rubin:

Cannabis Topical Treatments 1.5 hrs

Dara Saville:

Drought & The Future of Medicinal Plants 3 hrs

Pedicularis: Community Coordinator & Facilitator of Change 1.5 hrs

River Restoration & Medicinal Plants 1.5 hrs

Topics in Wildcrafting (with Shana Lipner Grover) 1.5 hrs

Emily Stock

Star-Gazing Herbalists! 1 hr

Jen Stovall:

To Be Announced 1.5 hrs

Jonathan Treasure:

Weed Wacking: Misinformation & Misconceptions About Medicinal Cannabis 1.5 hrs

FUQ: Medicinal Cannabis (Frequently Unasked Questions) 1.5 hrs 

Evidence Based Herbal Medicine – New Block on the Kids 1.5 hrs 

Angie True:

Waking Up From Psychiatric Drugs 1.5 hrs

Thyroid: At the Juncture Between Self and World 1.5 hrs

Roxana Villa:

To Be Announced 1.5 hrs

To Be Announced 1.5 hrs

Ginger Webb:

To Be Announced 1.5 hrs

Alanna Whitney:

Transgender Therapeutics1.5 hrs

Pregnancy for Everyone Else: How to Get Pregnant Like a Lesbian 1.5 hrs

Working With Sexual Assault Survivors (with Stephany Hoffelt) 1.5 hrs

Briana Wiles:

Bodyworker Herbs, Oils, & Toils 1.5 hrs

Yarrow Willard:

To Be Announced 1.5 hrs

To Be Announced 1.5 hrs



Help Spread The Word – & the Movement – Please!

You can be a great help by printing and putting up posters in local herb shops, or spreading online the low res poster and graphics. If you would like us to send you already printed posters or postcards for Good Medicine Confluence, please write us at:

2017 Good Medicine Confluence 8×11 Poster for Printing

2017 Good Medicine Confluence 8×11 Poster for Online

2017 Good Medicine Confluence Small Graphic for Online

2017 Good Medicine Confluence Horiz. Graphic for Online


Thank you so much! You make it happen!

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