Feb 242007

Below is a simple recipe that I use for general ~excess~ stomach problems, and for what could be called IBS, although Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a broad name for any otherwise undiagnosable stomach problems. Symptoms might include bloating, flatulence, intermittent diarrhea & constipation, digestive headaches, sour stomach and other damp heat symptoms.

This isn’t to be used for people who are cold, weak or generally deficient, this is for ~excess~ type people who need heat cleared in order to re-adjust and heal their digestion. This is a very common ailment for overworked, burned out individuals who’s digestion has essentially shut down or works very erratically. Many of these herbs are considered to have Pitta reducing properties, and I do find this brew to be cooling and soothing overall.

These plants help to physically heal the stomach as well as calm the nervous system and act in an overall protective manner. This brew isn’t meant to be a cure, but it has a remarkable ability to calm and heal many types of excess stomach problems over a period of time. I generally prepare this as a decoction simmered for about twenty minutes.

My formula is based on a somewhat similar tea found in Paul Bergner’s ¨The Healing Power of Ginseng¨on the tonic herbs. I’ve adapted it to my own needs and have found it most effective.

3 Parts Chamomile
2 Parts Mallow Leaf & Root

2 Parts Dandelion Root
2 Parts Fennel Seed
1 Part Burdock Root

1 Part Licorice Root

If you find this mix a bit too cooling for your taste, try using honey-fried Licorice instead of plain, or adding a bit of Orange peel, Ginger root or other complimentary warming belly healing herb.

  One Response to “A Simple Belly Brew”

  1. Thank you very much.
    I have been on a copy and paste frenzy, like a shark in blood frenzy.
    Some of this I might be able to use for book three or four.
    Your information does flow easy.
    I live in Germany so a number of the herbs are not perhaps readily available. I also am somewhat healthy.

    Being a city man also cuts down on preserving and use of herbal remedies.

    The Germans do have a goodly number of herbal bath oils that I do use on occasion. Objectively, I do not know if they really work, but they can do no harm. There are occasions when I tell my wife to pick one out to relax, or to help with a cold or as a pick up, or this or that ailment. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and absorbs like a sponge.

    I am sure German health bath oils, can be obtained in the USA, with a bit of surfing.


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