Anima Herbal School

“Dancing a Weedy Revolution”

The Anima Lifeways & Herbal School provides both in-person and online opportunities for learning nature awareness, healing & rewilding skills. School faculty members Loba, Jesse Wolf Hardin and I work toward furthering an evolving ecology of healing between humans and the natural world we are each an integral part of. The School teaches traditional food, healing and life ways with hands-on skills like herbalism and wild foods preparation as well as through profound personal tools such as practical shamanism and nature therapy.

Mentorships, distance learning courses, wilderness retreats, plant walks and workshops are available throughout the year, with new opportunities being added on a regular basis. My personal emphasis is on herbal medicine, ethnobotany, primal nutrition and edible wild plants.

Our homestead and the learning center grounds are located in the bio-diverse and beautiful Gila bioregion of southwestern New Mexico. On 80 acres of dedicated botanical sanctuary surrounded on all sides by the Gila National Forest, we are able to provide exceptional opportunities for the study of herbal medicine, a broad array of rewilding skills and an overall experience of living intimately with wild land.

Check out the Anima Lifeways & Herbal School blog for in-depth looks at ecology, rural living, medicinal plants, foraging, wild foods preparation, forays into the homesteading life, student stories, whole foods recipes, school updates and much more!

~Kiva Rose
Co-Director, Traditional Herbalist & Instructor
Anima Lifeways & Herbal School