Anima Site Revised, May Event, & Herbal Course Reopens

Anima Site Revised, May Event, & Herbal Course Reopens


Anima Lifeways and Herbal Site Updated

You’re invited to please check out the newly updated Anima school site, featuring simplified pages and easy navigation.  Besides the new look and header, you’ll also find:

•A new Introduction with easy direct links to every section and program without need of the menu
•A “Home Study” page with revised offerings, including the just now reopened Foundations In Traditional Herbalism course
Extensive “Writings” pages, with a free archive of many herbal and lifeways articles by Kiva Rose, Jesse Wolf and Loba
•A new “On Site Opportunities” page, with On-Site Helper details as well as information on the upcoming “Sacred Indulgence Botanical Retreat & Workshop” in May
New Applications for Retreats, Events and Programs… so sorry they hadn’t been downloading correctly, all better now!

Home Study Courses Reopen

Announcing the reopening of the Anima herbal and lifeways courses.  We stopped accepting applications long enough to reorganize our study programs.  We’ve had to cease accepting sliding scale donations due to recent tax and paypal regulations, but have separated most of the courses into 4 easily affordable parts.  Finally, we no longer separate courses into separate teaching path categories (“Village Herbalist,” “Shaman’s Path”), since nature awareness and shamanic work such as increasing our awareness is of importance to student and practicing herbalists, and plant and healing knowledge can be of value to everyone.

Kiva reopens her Foundations In Western Herbalism Home Study Course.


Foundations In Traditional Herbalism Course – with Kiva Rose

Now Reopened: A comprehensive exploration of the principles of Traditional Western Herbalism by Kiva Rose, 5 extensive lessons designed to provide the student with a competent experiential grasp of the principles and practical skills that forms the basis for applied herbcraft. Experiential assignments and exploratory questions are included in every lesson to help the student fully integrate the lesson that the next will be built on. This course is accessible to intent and focused beginners as well as clinical practitioners looking to deepen their understanding of Traditional Western Herbalism.  It is, and will remain, the primary foundational herbalism course.  Additional and advanced herbal courses with Kiva Rose will be released in the next year as part of a new Medicine Woman program.

Join Kiva Rose and Loba in a special Sacred Indulgence Botanical Retreat & Celebration in May..


Sacred Indulgence Botanical Retreat & Workshop – May 10-13 – with Kiva Rose and Loba

Nourishing the healer! Come spend a restorative weekend at Anima Sanctuary, a lush riparian canyon in the wilderness of southwest New Mexico, learning the rituals and ways of botanical-based self-care. We will be cooking and eating outdoor feasts of wild and traditional foods, learning how to create decadent herbal teas, body butters, balms, blessing oils, chocolate truffles and other treats for you to take home to continue the indulgence. We’ll also be discussing some of the most effective ways of prioritizing our own care and outlining ways of creating rituals of self-love and nourishment, focusing on empowering ways of taking responsibility for our personal well-being and satisfaction.  This workshop is especially appropriate for healthcare practitioners, care-takers, parents, and anyone else who needs more nourishment in their daily lives and has an affinity for plant-based medicine and pleasure.  For an application, go to the Events Page of the revised Anima site.


Outdoor cooking will be just one component of a Sacred Indulgence weekend.

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  1. AstroHerbalist
    Feb 13, 2012

    Wow, beautiful new website – LOVE!!

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