Sep 092007

This is a perennial bear favorite (and cure-all) in the canyon. It’s especially nice just now, when the evenings have a nip to them but the days are still warm and heavy. The chilled cream and hot chai balance each other nicely, and the homemade (and preferably hand-harvested) fruit sauces add a nice old-fashioned feel.

1 Cup chilled Whole Milk Yogurt with Cream (if you can’t make your own, I totally recommend Brown Cow’s Cream on Top Yogurt, or if you don’t do dairy you could try chilled Coconut Milk instead)
1 tsp. – 1 Tbs. Maple syrup (optional)
1/4 Cup Pear Sauce (fresh Pears, boiled down and put through a food mill, no sugar)
2-3 Tbs. Berry Sauce (in this case Red Raspberries and Red Huckleberries boiled down with some raw honey added)
1 Handful of fresh (preferably wild) Blueberries
2 Tsp. grated fresh Ginger
Dark Chocolate Morsels for garnishing (optional)
1 Mug full of steaming hot homemade Chai with cream (or at least some Almond Milk or Coconut Milk), Coffee can work too but the flavor may overpower the creamy/tart berry taste of the dish.

Select a beautiful saucer or dessert plate (I like our bone china with Roses but whatever floats your yogurt 😉 and pour Yogurt into its center. Then drizzle Maple syrup on top to taste and blend well. Swirl Berry Sauce into yogurt without completely mixing, then spoon Pear Sauce in a circle around the Yogurt. Evenly distribute Blueberries across the surface of the Yogurt and sprinkle grated Ginger on top before dispersing a few a Dark Chocolate Morsels around the very edge of the saucer.

Finally, sit down in a quiet place (preferably outside at dusk or in the moonlight) with your steaming mug of Chai, and savor a single slow spoonful at a time.

  3 Responses to “Bear’s September Sweet Cream Delight”

  1. mmmmmm….sounds good. somewhat like my bowl in the morning, with blueberries, blackberries, seeds, and molasess… i just skip the cream part…butmmmm…cream…

  2. Hi there,
    If you don’t have this yogurt, and you suggested the coconut milk, wouldn’t the desert be a bit runny without a yogurt in it or the thickness. This sounds so good that I want to try it.

  3. Crystal, good coconut milk (not the water inside the coconut) is quite thick, especially when chilled, and top part of the coconut milk in the can is usually at least as thick if not thicker than yogurt.

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