Sep 272007

This is a fine little tea recipe for crisp Autumn mornings or chilly Winter evenings. It’s simple and delicious, as the best things in life are. 1 Tsp dried Blueberries 1 Tbs dried Elderberries 5 dried Wintergreen leaves 1 1/2 Cups just boiled water Pour water over plants, cover and let steep for five or […]

Sep 182007

This is yet another variation on the infamous Fire Cider and Super Cider created by various herbalists like Rosemary Gladstar and Monica Rude. Many of these creations are based on being super hot and spicy, and seeing as my belly just can’t handle that kind of thing I decided to make something a bit different. […]

Sep 162007
Sweet Southwestern Acorns

While it’s been a pretty lousy fruit year here, no Apples, Peaches, Plums and just a few Pears, it has been a great year for Acorns. As with Pine nuts, the trees only produce a good crop every few years, so we’re exceptionally excited whenever we see the little Evergreen and the larger Gambel Oaks […]

Sep 092007

This is a perennial bear favorite (and cure-all) in the canyon. It’s especially nice just now, when the evenings have a nip to them but the days are still warm and heavy. The chilled cream and hot chai balance each other nicely, and the homemade (and preferably hand-harvested) fruit sauces add a nice old-fashioned feel. […]

Aug 182007
Duck Stew With Turnips & Apples

One of our favorite meals is this amazing Duck Stew, it’s a lovely late Summer/Early Autumn dinner when the day starts to get cool. Loba originally created this recipe, and we’ve more recently fine tuned it together. I like to roast or shallow-fry the turnips and apples separately and add them at the last, so […]

May 022007
Yucca Petal Yumminess

Yucca Petal Pasta: Lemony Yucca Petals With Pasta, Sunflower Seeds & Arugula One of the many wonders of Spring in the Southwest is the annual blooming of the banana yuccas. These amazing plants have stiff stiletto shaped green leaves and tall stalks that bear pale bell-shaped flowers throughout May. The creamy blossoms are pollinated by […]

Apr 222007
Enchanted Forest Stinging Nettle Stew

Here’s a lovely recipe Loba and I came up with the other night, in the spirit of our recent Faery Tale inspired meals. Though we’re not quite done editing Loba’s last cookbook, The Enchanted Pantry, we seem to be well on the way to collecting recipes for a new wild-foods based cookbook. I’ll be posting […]

Mar 262007
Spring Stinging Nettles

The seedlings are starting to pop up, a few salad greens, a few little herblings here and there among the already huge Mugwort, Mullein and Monarda. The rain’s stopped, the sun’s come back out but the river is still rushing above its banks. It’s Spring in the Gila! Have I said that already? I’ve been […]

Feb 242007
A Simple Belly Brew

Below is a simple recipe that I use for general ~excess~ stomach problems, and for what could be called IBS, although Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a broad name for any otherwise undiagnosable stomach problems. Symptoms might include bloating, flatulence, intermittent diarrhea & constipation, digestive headaches, sour stomach and other damp heat symptoms. This isn’t to […]