Jan 222018
Embracing The Beauty of Herbalism: From Herbal Face Masks to Botanical Adornment

EMBRACING THE BEAUTY OF HERBALISM: FROM HERBAL FACE MASKS & HERBARIUMS, TO PLANT DYES,  & BOTANICAL ADORNMENT A Short Essay on Beauty & Healing – & Classes for Herbalists, Healers, & Culture Shifters – at the upcoming 2018 Good Medicine Confluence Good Medicine Confluence Website: www.PlantHealer.org/intro.html ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– For the first many years of Plant Healer’s […]

Jan 082018
Starting an Herbal Practice, Clinic, or Business: Good Medicine Classes

STARTING & RUNNING AN HERBAL PRACTICE, CLINIC, OR BUSINESS More Classes for Herbalists, Healers, & Culture Shifters – at the upcoming 2018 Good Medicine Confluence  For the first many years of Plant Healer’s annual international gatherings, our characteristically beautiful rural event sites had too few buildings of us to expand the number of classes to […]

Sep 062017
Wilderness Haven: Looking for a Longterm Caretaker Couple

EMAIL ADDRESS CORRECTION: planthealer@planthealer.org There’s no doubt I’m a hermit (or rather, very socially limited as an autistic person), but there’s also no doubt that caring for this much wild land and this remote homestead requires collaboration…. especially in an era of increasingly rapid ecological change. But I frequently hear from people whose dream is […]

Jul 292017
Naming the Unseen: Of Thorns, Elves, and the Coming Winter

After much family discussion involving extensive research into linguistics, history, and mythology, the three of us were able to come up with a name for the field pea that we all love! Somewhere between the insistent anglicization of words, predictable pronunciation issues, and woeful homophones we managed to weed out some of our favorite, yet problematic, […]

Jul 212017
The Wee, Wild Beastie Within!

Yesterday I went in for my 19-20 week ultrasound, and got a peek at the wee beast for the second time. Said beastie was very active, yawning/babbling while tugging on the umbilical cord and using hands and feet to smack at the pressure of the offending implement on my abdomen. Here you can see the […]

Jul 192017
9,000 Feet In The Air: My Birthday Feast and Ciénega Plant Ramblings

For my recent birthday, Rhiannon and I headed straight up into the mountains to find our favorite sort of haven – cool, wet, boggy, and wild. Here in the Southwest, that often means looking for un upper elevation ciénega. These alkaline moist meadows that sometimes verge into swamps are rare, and incredibly important, refuges for […]

Dec 042015
Juliet's New Medicine Making Course

Announcing Juliet Blankespoor’s Incredible New Online Classes – Beginning With Her HERBAL MEDICINE MAKING COURSE It is always an honor to help spread the word about the good works of our Plant Healer Magazine writer/teachers, and never more so than in the case of dear Juliet Blankespoor’s new Herbal Immersion online course available January 8th.  With the help […]