Dec 132010
December Update

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged us to take a break, after nonstop deadlines around the 2011 TWH Conference organizing and the production of the first ever Plant Healer Magazine.  There are still lots of tasks to be done this month on both projects, as well as tons of emails needing answering… but that […]

Sep 052010
Herbal Roots: Healing Wisdom for Children and Beyond

Herbal Roots is a beautiful monthly online zine created, written, illustrated and published by community herbalist Kristine Brown. Published on the last Monday of every month, this periodical is a wonderful ongoing inspiration and resource for anyone interested in medicinal plants. Much more than a zine, Herbal Roots is really an ongoing herbal course for […]

Jun 012010
Creating a Wild Remedy: Sharing Knowledge and Celebrating Tradition

Hello folks, here in the Canyon, the Wild Roses (Rosa woodsii) are just beginning to bloom, the Blisswort (Scutellaria potosina) is flowering beautifully (more on those very soon) and the land is green and lush with such an abundantly rainy Spring! I’ve been on a bit of a writing hiatus, and my time’s been consumed […]

Apr 132010
From the Ground Up: Grassroots Training in Traditional Western Herbalism

At long last! –– the release of the greatly anticipated COURSE 1 of a 5 course program for the village herbalist: From the Ground Up: Grassroots Training in Traditional Western Herbalism FOUNDATIONS IN TRADITIONAL WESTERN HERBALISM Written & Taught by Kiva Rose Hardin After years of preparation, the essential first course in Kiva Rose’s comprehensive […]

Mar 262010
Wild Water, Food and Flowers

Spring has come a little late to the Gila but is now emerging full force, right in step with the tumultuous pace of the San Francisco River flooding its muddy banks. Thanks to snowmelt and significant rains, southwest New Mexico is remarkably well watered at the moment which most likely means a wildflower rich Spring! […]

Feb 172010
The Evidence of Deepening: An Introduction to Anima Healing Arts

Many deeply rooted changes have been taking place here in the quiet of the Canyon during the cold months. As Spring slowly unfurls her foliate face, we’re increasingly  incorporating these transformational shifts into our existing framework of education and healing work. Regular blog readers will first notice that my herbal blog has a new title, […]

Nov 062009
New Animá Supporterships

The following is the some of the new text for the Supporter page of the Animá website, describing the new forms for contributing financially to this place, practice and purpose.  We eliminated the Memberships, as that made it sound like this was an organization rather than a school and sanctuary, and lowered the minimum Supporter […]

Oct 152009
A Great New Resource for Working With Kids & Herbs

I’m guessing that a fair number of my readers are parents, grandparents or caregivers for children, and that almost all of you are interested in herbs. If those two interests overlap at all for you, you’re going to want to check out this new herbal course created through a collaboration between John Gallagher of […]

Oct 132009
New Animá Correspondence Courses & Mentorships!

Intro: Recent changes at the Animá School have resulted in a continuing number of queries about both the 8 week Courses and what are now the year or longer Mentorships.  For all students of the earlier year long courses, your lessons and time frame remains unchanged, the only difference is that your special course is […]

Sep 272009
First Frost and Status Update

This is just a short post to let all my blog readers, clients, students and other people awaiting emails, know that I am working madly away at the websites and Conference planning, and will be mostly out of touch until the end of this week. Sorry for any inconvenience and many thanks for your support […]