Aug 012009
The Sweet Medicine Blogparty

This month’s blogparty is, by far, our biggest yet!  An impressive range of subjects and authors have gifted us with their wisdom, recipes, experience and wonderings. So here we are, a wonderful array of perspectives on Sweet Medicine! I hope you all enjoy these many sharings and take the time to try and taste some […]

Jul 222009
From Rhiannon for Friends who Bought my Book!

In addition to what Rhiannon mentions, there is also a wonderful review by herbalist, mama and Medicine Woman student, Angie Goodloe on her great blog, Authentic Mama that you’ll want to check out. -Kiva Hi Everybody!  Thank you to all the people from all over the world who have bought my book!  I love you […]

Jul 092009
Numen: The Nature of Plants

Finally, a film steeped in the medicine of grass-roots herbalism and the sentient nature of the plants! Numen is a project rooted in the desire to both educate and inspire, to grant us each an intimate look into the world of plants and our innate connection to them. Utilizing gorgeous time-lapse photography, the words and […]

Jun 112009
The Shaman's Path Intensive - July 2nd-5th

Please Forward to Friends & Post to Any Forums– Announcing: The Shaman Path Intensive (for both men and women) July 2nd – 5th, 2009 A 3 day intensive held not in a classroom but an ancient Place Of Power. Taught by Jesse Wolf Hardin and Medicine Woman Traditon cofounder Kiva Rose … with the […]

Mar 152009
The Proliferation: A Spring Walk in Pictures

The days have been fairly cool, and we’ve been blessed with gentle showers of both rain and snow recently. Despite the colder temperatures (and the fact that the mountaintops directly above us are still white capped), the plants have still been proliferating like there’s no tomorrow. It’s that time of year where soon I’ll barely […]

Mar 012009
Going Green: Spring Arrives in the Canyon

It seems I’m going to live after all. The cold was one of those persistant, clinging, nasty kind of ones. I think I drank about a thousand different teas this time around. Strangely (or not) enough, what helped the most was my hunch I should go gather some baby Nettle greens barehanded. The experience was, […]