Jan 192012
New Plant Healer Columnist: Phyllis Light - Appalachian Herbalist

It’s important that Plant Healer Magazine not have so many columnists that room runs out for contributions from others.  Last time we announced the addition of quarterly contributions from Susun Weed… and this round, we found we couldn’t resist adding just one final column: . Mountain Medicine: Traditional Healing Folkways by Phyllis Light Phyllis D. […]

Sep 092011
The Wild Herbalist: Class Notes by Jesse Wolf Hardin

THE WILD HERBALIST Steps Towards a More Empowered, Intensely Effective & Satisfying Life & Practice Class Notes by Jesse Wolf Hardin All Photos ©2011 Kiva Rose From the notes for The Wild Herbalist class being taught by Jesse Wolf at the upcoming TWH Conference Saturday, Sept 17th – 2:50-4:50 To Register: www.TraditionsInWesternHerbalism.org Envision a nature-informed, […]

Aug 122011
TWHC 2011 Conference Book and Updates

2011 TWHC UPDATES • First Look at Just Completed Conference Book • Attendance Surpasses Last Year At This Time • Important Conference Details • and… a Canyon Greening Progress on the Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference continues, in a rush of valuable tasks and crazed deadlines. We have a second wonderful outreach helper just volunteered, […]

Jun 302011
Anima Wallow Fire Final Update & Thanks

Anima Wallow Fire Final Update and Thanks • No New Growth in 24 hrs!  Wallow Fire held at 540,000 acres • Fire pump and Sprinklers Arrived and Tested • First breaths of relief • And gratitude, so much gratitude… The situation has steadily improved since the winds of June 5th, and unless conditions drastically change, […]

Jun 302011
Fires of Change: A Wallow Fire Retrospective

The Fires Of Change Passion and Transformation, Destruction and Renewal A Wallow Fire Retrospective by Jesse Wolf Hardin Anima Sanctuary and School Sniff the wind, and it’s not hard to imagine the acrid smell of smoke or the fires of change ever lapping at our heals. They threaten not only our drought-plagued forests and homes, […]

Jun 172011
Wallow Fire Update June 17

Wallow Fire Update New Mexico – June 17 Anima Sanctuary and School by Jesse Wolf Hardin Busy as we are, we feel like we owe it to all those caring and asking, to try to post updates at least every couple of days… and especially given the sad dearth of up to date reports elsewhere.  […]

Jun 102011
Wallow Fire and Emergency Fund

Wallow Fire Update June 10 and  Emergency Fire Fund Set Up by Jesse Wolf Hardin We wake up again to a thick fog of smoke from the swelling Wallow wildfire, with the rising sun tinted a remarkable blood red color.   This is the point in the movie when Bambi and the other creatures of the […]

Feb 272011
The Language of Healing, Guest Post by Jesse Wolf Hardin

The Language of Healing: The Power Of Conscious Vernacular & Deliberate Terminology by Jesse Wolf Hardin An Excerpt from the full length article, in the March Issue of Plant Healer: A Journal of Traditional Western Herbalism. Languages are forever evolving, depending on shifting understandings and cultural context, the watering down of some definitions and the […]

Jan 252011
The Herbalist’s Inner Sanctum by Jesse Wolf Hardin

The Herbalist’s Inner Sanctum By Jesse Wolf Hardin Excerpted from a larger essay “Imaginariums, Inner Sanctums & Cabinets of Wonder”,  appearing in an upcoming issue of Plant Healer Magazine: www.PlantHealerMagazine.com There’s something mysterious – and therefore entirely irresistible to a child – about exploring a parent or grandparent’s special or private space.  It may be […]

Dec 132010
December Update

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged us to take a break, after nonstop deadlines around the 2011 TWH Conference organizing and the production of the first ever Plant Healer Magazine.  There are still lots of tasks to be done this month on both projects, as well as tons of emails needing answering… but that […]

Jun 222010
Herbal Conformism and the Illusion of Normalcy by Jesse Wolf Hardin

Herbal Conformism and the Illusion of Normalcy: A Response to Charles W. Kane from the ‘Freak-Show Field’ by Jesse Wolf Hardin Intro: Charles W. Kane is an experienced clinical herbalist and self described “veteran of the war against terrorism.”  Unlike the majority of modern day herbalists, he would not be likely to describe our field […]