Feb 092010
The Care-Taker of Plants: Invasive Species, Natives, Healing and Wholeness

This is my partner, Jesse Wolf Hardin’s most recent piece concerning healing and the plants, and I thought my blog readers would enjoy and benefit from his experience-driven insights and understandings. They originate from his many decades of intensive land restoration here at the Animá Botanical Sanctuary as well as his groundbreaking work as an […]

Jan 252010
 Because It’s Good For You: On Authority, Certification & Law - by Jesse Wolf Hardin

I hope you enjoy this very timely piece on authority, regulation and certification by my partner Jesse Wolf Hardin. This applies to every aspect of our lives, but is perhaps especially applicable to lay herbalists and other folk tradition based healers at this moment in time. -Kiva Because It’s Good For You: Insurgent Thoughts On […]