Nov 102009
A Golden Torch: Mullein’s Healing Light

Common Names: Mullein, Punchón, Gordolobo, Wild Ice Leaf, Our Lady’s Flannel, Hag’s (or Hedge) Taper, Torches, Candelaria, Quaker’s Rouge, Botanical Name: Verbascum spp. Parts used: root, leaf, flower, flower stalk resin Energetics – Root: neutral, sl. drying. Leaf: cool, sl. moistening. Flower: cool, neutral Taste: salty, bland, vanilla This velvet leafed plant with its brightly [...]

Oct 292009
Elder Mother Immune Elixir

I don’t find the idea of magic bullets to be very effective in healing, and find that the most successful therapy always originates in tailoring the treatment to the individual person and situation. For this reason, you’ll rarely see/hear me recommending a set formula or list of herbs for any given diagnosis. In fact, my [...]

Oct 172009
Blue Mountain Tea: A Sunny Medicine for Cloudy Days

Common Names: Goldenrod, Blue Mountain Tea, Liberty Tea Botanical Name: Solidago spp. Taste & Impression: Bitter, Aromatic, Astringent, sl. diffusive Energetics: Warm, Dry Parts Used: Flowers & Flower Buds, Leaves, Roots Actions: digestive bitter, alterative, stimulant and relaxant nervine, diaphoretic, astringent, digestive aromatic (and carminative), diuretic, vulnerary, anti-inflammatory, bacteria-balancing (often termed anti-infective) Specific Indications: Red, [...]

Oct 012009
The Elder Mother’s Pantry: A Bioregional Herbal Materia Medica for Influenza and Other Cold-Weather Ailments

As the colder weather begins to move into the northerly reaches and higher eleveations of the Western hemisphere, there’s been much talk of this year’s especially virulent strains of cold and flu. The most important action you can take this is preventative in nature, including ingesting plenty of fermented foods and bone broth, getting your [...]

Sep 032009
Silktassel: Shining From the Shadows

Common Names: Silktassel, Bear Brush, Quinine Bush, Fever Bush Botanical Name: Garrya spp. Energetics: Cold, dry Taste: Bitter, bitter, bitter Actions: Very Strong Relaxant (anti-spasmodic), uterine stimulant, febrifuge, anodyne Parts Used: Twigs & Leaves Preparations: Tincture for the most part, as I’ve yet to meet a person, including myself, who can get the tea or [...]

Sep 012009
Herbs Don't Read Books: Cherry Leaf Tea

This is for the September blogparty, hosted by Henriette, with the theme of Herbs Don’t Read Books! Open the herbal book nearest to you, pretty much ANY herb book. Find the section on wild cherry or chokecherry, if there is one. Now check out the contradictions or warnings. It will almost certainly command you in [...]

Aug 192009
The Onagraceae Family: Faery Flowers of the Riparian Forest

Through the dry heat of this long Summer with very little rain, I have been drawn time and time again to the sweet cooling presence of the Onagraceae tribe. From the golden glow of the Suncups to the delicate white blossoms of the Evening Primrose to the feathery silk of the Willowherbs, I find myself [...]

Jun 302009
The Nettle Seed Rebellion: Outlaw Plants and Their Progeny

For The Weeds of Summer Blogparty hosted by Darcey Blue over at Gaia’s Gifts Prequel: An Irreverent Introduction to Weeds and Other Wild Things     Unruly and feral, weeds annoy us with their promiscuous strut and blatant disregard for convention and known boundaries. Many of them are immigrants and gypsies, with a reputation for [...]

Jun 272009
Flowers From the FaeryGrounds: The Enchantment of Beebalm

Monsoon season is a magical time in the Southwest. The air grows heavy, the clouds roll in and the thunder rumbles across the mountains. Within days of the arrival of the first storms, the golds and sages of the semi-arid woodlands, grasslands and meadows erupt into a riot of vibrant wildflowers and lush green growth. [...]

Jun 072009
Matrix and Salvatrix: Sage as Mother and Healer

I thought the earth remembered me, she took me back so tenderly, arranging her dark skirts, her pockets full of lichens and seeds. – Mary Oliver Nature was my first mother. I memorized the forest floor as I would my mother’s body. This forest skin smelled like pine sap and sweet rot, and it stained [...]

Apr 302009
A Touchstone: The Blessed Verbena

This has been previously published on my website, but I’m posting it here with a few edits and updates for your reading pleasure. Common Names: Vervain, Verbena, Moradilla, Dormilón, Botanical names: Verbena spp. & Glandularia spp. Taste: Bitter, acrid Energetics: Neutral, dry Actions: Relaxant nervine and diaphoretic, digestive stimulant, galactagogue, vulnerary, endocrine/thyroid tonic When most [...]

Apr 032009
A Much Needed Renewal: Peach Bliss

Yes, I really am alive. And as of late last night, I’m done working on the redesign of Wolf’s new children’s book, I’m a Medicine Woman, Too! That means that I’ll spend the next several days to a week catching up on emails and digging into all the student work that was put on hold [...]