Apr 302009
A Touchstone: The Blessed Verbena

This has been previously published on my website, but I’m posting it here with a few edits and updates for your reading pleasure. Common Names: Vervain, Verbena, Moradilla, Dormilón, Botanical names: Verbena spp. & Glandularia spp. Taste: Bitter, acrid Energetics: Neutral, dry Actions: Relaxant nervine and diaphoretic, digestive stimulant, galactagogue, vulnerary, endocrine/thyroid tonic When most […]

Apr 132009
Spring In The Village: Common Weeds and Garden Escapees of Rural New Mexico

The beautiful blue-purple blooms of the Vinca are just starting, the Honeysuckle will soon have buds and the Elms are drooping under the weight of their fat green fruit. Spring has been coming in small ripples this year, beginning early but the full bloom taking a bit longer than usual, with some unseasonal (but very […]

Dec 042008

Referring to my previously posted monograph on Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), I’d like to add a few notes. One is that most of the side effects I referred to in that piece, specifically hot flashes and sweating, seem to vary a great deal based on where the herb comes from. The herb I have used from […]

Oct 292008

In case I needed a little more confirmation of the success of the Alder/Beebalm tincture combo in treating infection, I just got it. I recently gave a bottle to a client with a mild sinus infection and she was quite happy when it cleared up in a few days. She then passed it on to […]

Oct 242008

Ya’ll know how I love Peach, whether in the form of leaf, bark, flowers or fruit. I even love the pits, and I saved several quart jars worth from the luscious organic Peaches we processed earlier this season. I let them dry for a few days in the shade, picked out the best looking ones, […]

Sep 272008
Into the Forest: Exploring Elderberry

 Botanical name: Sambucus spp. (of the blue and black berried varieties, I of course prefer our wild Gila native S. neomexicana and S. mexicana) Common name: Elder, Hylde Mor, The Elder Mother Energetics: Berry – Neutral. Flower – Cool, Dry Taste: Berry – sour, sweet, bitter. Flower – acrid, sweet Pictured above are some of […]

Sep 222008
Going Gold: Flowers of the Harvest

 The colors of  the harvest range from rust to brown to magenta, but the most prevalent shade of all is of brilliant, unabashed gold. From the grasslands to the mountains, the Gila wears a glowing mantle for Autumn. The leaves dance back down to the earth and the river sings the slow, hypnotic songs of […]

Sep 192008

Early last spring, about February, Wolf broke his toe during a flood when a large chunk of tree smushed his foot. I tried many of my usual medicines including Mullein and Alder and Goldenrod and Cottonwood. They all helped with the pain and swelling but the toe seemed slow to heal. I was purposely avoiding […]

Sep 182008
Bountiful Bitters: 3 Variations on Mugwort

These are the three most common varieties of Artemisia found in the Canyon. They’re not the only ones though, there’s at least three more I don’t have pictures of. Everytime I walk out the cabin door into waist tall swaths of this multi-pupose and deeply healing plant, I feel incredibly rich, and very blessed. This […]

Sep 042008
Globemallow In All Its Glory

  The Globemallow (Sphaeralcea coccinea and allied spp.) is a riotous splash across the mesa, all scarlet and orange and pink amongst the native grasses and blue flowered Sages. Unlike the common mallows, our spp. is so hairy as to sometimes be known as Sore Eye Poppy, and if you ever drive down a dry […]