Dec 042015
Juliet's New Medicine Making Course

Announcing Juliet Blankespoor’s Incredible New Online Classes – Beginning With Her HERBAL MEDICINE MAKING COURSE It is always an honor to help spread the word about the good works of our Plant Healer Magazine writer/teachers, and never more so than in the case of dear Juliet Blankespoor’s new Herbal Immersion online course available January 8th.  With the help […]

Jun 132010
Summer's Spice: Beebalm Flower Infused Honey

Summer’s Spice: Beebalm Flower Infused Honey It won’t be long now until the first brilliant purple flowers of Beebalm explode into bloom here in the Canyon. Locals call this gorgeous wildflower either Oregano de la Sierra or just Wild Oregano. Because yep, it tastes spicy and rather Oregano-like. The botanical name of this particular species […]

Jan 292009
Simples and Formulas

The Preamble I consider myself a simpler at heart, meaning I prefer the use of one herb at a time, chosen specifically for the individual and issue at hand. I find this approach encourages intimacy between person and plant, and allows for a clearer dynamic between the two that helps me to better see what’s […]

Oct 302008

Let me begin by saying that I recommend gathering your own herbs if at all possible, in part because this is the only way to really ensure the quality and treatment of the plants is truly optimal. And do realize, that pretty much wherever you are, you have the ability to collect some of your […]

May 142008
Essential Vitality: Working with Fresh Herbs

Last night I found myself wandering in the moonlight, perched barefoot on the edge of an ancient Mogollon indian pithouse where the most vibrant of the Wild Honeysuckle grow. I chose each bud, blossom and leaf carefully, grateful for the magic and medicine of these twining, woody creatures. When I brought my apron-full of flowers […]

May 112008
The Simplest Salve Ever

I tend to cover every level of herbal therapeutics, nutrition and materia medica that I feel qualified to talk about. I know this can be overwhelming for beginners who may feel completely intimidated by the sheer volume of information and plants here (though I do tend to talk about the same plants over and over […]

Apr 282008
Pantry Medicine: A Simple Poultice for Swelling

I really like to use simple, downhome remedies whenever possible, preferably made up of weeds and food. Here’s great poultice for swelling and inflammation can be rigged up with common items from your pantry and weeds from your yard. It can also be easily customized to individual needs. Ingredients  1 Cabbage leaf 1 small Potato […]

Apr 052008

Note: I made a correction to my fresh plant tincture example in the last paragraph of the Standard method section, that should have been 10 ounces not 25. Thanks for spotting that, Susan!  To make a tincture, you need only a few ingredients: an herb, a menstruum and a container with airtight top. Optionally you […]

Apr 022008

There’s this little herbal misunderstanding that has become a pet peeve of mine. Some people seem to think that grain alcohol (also known under the brand-name of Everclear) is somehow evil or unsuitable for medicine because of how strong (evidently this is equivalent to harsh). But really, it’s only as strong as you make/need it. […]