May 242016
Foraging Matters: Tips & Advice from Wendy Butter Petty

FORAGING MATTERS Presenting The Wisdom of Plant Healer & Wild Forager Wendy “Butter” Petty ––––––––––––––––––––––– People get into the art of foraging for different reasons, including saving money by integrating wild and free fare, treasuring how much better foraged foods can taste, and knowing that they are often healthier for us than anything we can […]

May 162016
The Herbal Journey by Ramona Rubin

Intro: One commitment of Plant Healer publications and events is to provide an accessible, non-exclusive nexus and welcoming home to the existing diverse community of herb users, nature lovers, and community healers.  Every issue of Plant Healer Magazine is a coming together of the wide ranging tribe, a plant-communal intercoursing and exchanging of ideas and tools, and each […]

May 102016
Free Herbal Education Guide & Herb Schools Directory

  Now Available for FREE Download: Herbal Education Guide & Herbal Schools Directory Every 5 years Plant Healer Publications produce for you a Directory of herb schools and online learning opportunities, along with an evolving educational guide describing our options as to what, how, where, and from whom to learn more from as we each continue […]

Mar 292016
Help Spread The Word: New TWHC Posters to Share

Please Help Us Spread The Word  About the 2016 TRADITIONS IN WESTERN HERBALISM CONFERENCE The Herbal Resurgence ––––––––––––––––––––––– Your help is needed again getting the word out: Facebooking, putting up TWHC Posters in your area,  and distributing Postcard Announcements if you have or know of an herbal-related retail business. Growing a Resurgence It is […]

Mar 112016
Free Herbal Course + Free Herbal Ezine

FREE SPRING ISSUE of our HERBAL EZINE  Plant Healer’s Herbaria Monthly Supplement …54 color pages of herbal info and inspiration including an excerpt on Aralia/Spikenard by Jared Rosenbaum, a reprint of Paul Bergner’s great Plant Healer Magazine article on Herban Legends, Elka’s yummy Fennel Frond recipes, and an excerpt from Maria Noel Groves new herbal basics […]

Mar 072016

NOT FOR EVERYONE Dearly Needed Are The Committed Few… Herbalists by Jesse Wolf Hardin An Excerpt from the Spring 2016 issue of Plant Healer Magazine, now available for download by subscription from: The very last message you’d think an herbal magazine would want to put out there, is that an herbal practice isn’t ideal […]

Feb 212016
Plant Healer News: Spring Issue Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek: Plant Healer Spring Issue  & PLANT HEALER NEWS ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Releasing March 7th: Nearly 300 pages of new information and trademark inspiration for herbalists. Winter was wondrous here in the Gila (hee-la) wilderness where this magazine is produced,   again creating a mosaic of original unpublished writings from our diverse family of contributors.  Following […]

Feb 012016
Thistle Shirts for Herbal Resurgents

You may have seen it on Facebook or Instagram, or heard somebody talk about it – but yeah, we just received a new shipment of  Plant Healer shirts.  They are on better cotton this time, silkscreened with a new cream and purple design. Wolf used historic thistle designs from the Scottish rebellions to represent what […]

Jan 262016
Healthy Disagreement in Herbalism

*** –––––––OPEN TO DEBATE–––––– Vital Disputation & Healthy Disagreement in Herbalism by Jesse Wolf Hardin Plant Healer Magazine & Events – A recent article in Plant Healer Magazine opened up discussion on the topics of political correctness and cultural appropriation as relates to the practice of herbalism.  There was at least one person we will […]

Jan 122016
Herbal Schools Directory 2016 – Call for Listings

Plant Healer’s Upcoming 2016-2020 HERBAL SCHOOLS DIRECTORY Invitation to Promote Your School of Herbalism or Online Courses to tens of thousands of herbal enthusiasts – by participating in this special directory of physical and online schools Deadline for Confirmation: Mar 25th  –  Deadline For Materials: Apr. 15th –  Releasing: May 1st-June 1st, 2016   Every 5 […]

Jan 062016
Plant Healer’s Free 5th Anniversary Supplement

Plant Healer Magazine’s Free 5th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION SUPPLEMENT   The Winter 2015/16 issue of Plant Healer Magazine has been released, with a record 350 pages of herbal information and skills, and featuring a special 128 pages of special Anniversary sections celebrating this publications 5th Anniversary.  For any of you who are NOT a subscriber and missed it, we have […]

Nov 292015
Jesse Wolf Hardin Interviewed by Pulla, Bergner & Light

Plant Healer Interview: JESSE WOLF HARDIN Culture-Shifter & Herbal Ally interviewed by  Melanie Pulla, Phyllis Light, Paul Bergner, Sarah Baca, & Mason Hutchinson Jesse Wolf has done a lot for the herbal community as well as the plants we love, including interviewing both the respected elders and the new voices of the herbal resurgence for Plant […]

Nov 222015
Plant Healer 5th Anniversary Issue

PLANT HEALER 5th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE A Sneak-Peek at the Largest-Ever Plant Healer Magazine Issue 360 pages of information, inspiration, & a fond look back… Plant Healer’s quarterly issues are released the first Monday of every month, with your Winter issue being available for download Dec. 7th.  If you aren’t a subscribing member yet, you can be sure of […]

Nov 082015
November Herbaria - Free Ezine for Herbalists

November Herbaria – Free Ezine for Herbalists A Sneak Peek: The free November issue of the Plant Healer’s Herbaria Monthly will be mailed out Nov. 10th.  To be certain of receiving a download link, be certain you are subscribed before then.  Simply go to our Plant Healer website splash-page and fill in your name and email address in the […]