Oct 062015
Free October Issue of Herbaria

October 12th is the release date for the first issue of Vol. VI of the remade Herbaria Ezine, an over 50 pages-long monthly supplement to the nearly 300 pages-long quarterly Plant Healer Magazines, providing content even to those unable to afford needed educational materials!  Issues feature abridged articles from the magazine and contributions by you […]

Aug 302015
Plant Healer Fall Issue & Announcements

A Sneak-Peek at the Nearly 300 pages-long FALL ISSUE of Plant Healer Magazine Plant Healer’s quarterly issues are released the first Monday of every month, with your Autumnal issue being available for download Sept. 7th To receive this issue when it comes out, make sure you are subscribed prior to the 7th, by going to: […]

Aug 172015
Wild Medicine, Wild Cuisine: Materia Medica, Recipes, Tools

Now Available: WILD MEDICINE, WILD CUISINE Modern Wildcrafting of Food & Herbs Just Released!: 76 Essays on the contemporary art of wildcrafting medicinal and edible plants,blending materia medica & moving inspiration – including: 62 in-depth Plant Profiles (materia medica), with suggestions for how to harvest, cook, or make medicine out of each. 528 pages 8.5×11 […]

Aug 102015
August Issue of Herbaria – Free for Herb-Lovers

Free August Issue for Herbalists: HERBARIA SNEAK PEEK The free August issue of the Plant Healer’s Herbaria Newsletter will be mailed out Monday, Aug 17th.  To be certain of receiving a download link, be sure you subscribe before then.  Simply go to our website and fill in your name and email address in the appropriate location on […]

Jul 132015
Special Free Edition for Herbalists

July Herbaria – Special Free Edition for Herbalists A Sneak Peek: The free July issue of the Plant Healer’s Herbaria Newsletter will be mailed out Monday, July 20th.  To be certain of receiving a download link, be certain to subscribe before then.  Simply go to our website and fill in your name and email address […]

Jun 242015
Connecting With Our Heritage Through Herbs by Dara Saville

CONNECTING WITH OUR HERITAGE THROUGH HERBS by Dara Saville An Excerpt from the New Plant Healer book: The Traveling Medicine Show: Pitchmen & Plant Healers of Early America Full color – 104 pages 8×11 – $24 – Order from the Bookstore Page at: www.PlantHealer.org Read the truth about the largely wonderful if oft maligned historic herb […]

Jun 172015
A Taste of Inspiration: Free June Issue of Herbaria

The over 50-pages long June issue of Plant Healer’s Herbaria Newsletter releases Monday afternoon, June 22nd.  To be certain of a copy, sign up for a subscription beforehand, absolutely FREE, at: www.PlantHealer.org And for now, here follwoing is a little taste of Herbaria’s latest inspiration and information: Our friend and nearest wilderness neighbor is Denise […]

Jun 142015
New Science, Vitalism, & Healing by Guido Masé

THE VITAL FORCE New Science, Vitalism, & Healing by Guido Masé Guido Masé is a clinical herbalist, herbal educator, garden steward specializing in holistic Western herbalism, valued columnist for Plant Healer Magazine, and esteemed teacher at the upcoming Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference atop New Mexico’s Sky Island (click on: www.PlantHealer.org/intro.html).  Guido’s teaching style is […]

Jun 082015
Getting The "Good" & "Bad" Out of Herbalism

The Good, The Bad, & The Efficacious Reassessing How We Think & Speak About Herbs, Ailments, & Ourselves by Jesse Wolf Hardin The following essay is excerpted from the Summer issue of Plant Healer Magazine, available by subscription. www.PlantHealer.org “Our chosen language can either further or limit an immediate goal or larger mission. And it is […]

Apr 142015
Free Herbal Ezine - April Issue

Planning continues for the upcoming Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference, and the release of yet more Plant Healer books and magazines… but somehow or other we are managing to also make time for another supplemental Herbaria Newsletter.  Herbaria is absolutely free to anyone subscribing, with the upcoming April issue containing 50 color pages of herbal […]

Mar 262015
Shana Grover: Art for an Excellent Herbalist Teacher

We periodically like to profile our Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference teachers here, some of the best teachers in the herbal field today. Shana Lipner Grover was one of the popular of last year’s instructors, impressing attendees with her vast herbal knowledge and considerable experience, her passion and love for the plants, and her clear communication […]

Mar 202015
Free March Issue of Herbaria for Herb-Lovers

Free March Issue of  HERBARIA If you haven’t already, subscribe to Plant Healer’s absolutely free Herbaria Newsletter for a monthly dose of herbal information and skills.  The exciting March issue will be released soon, containing 2 inspiring interviews and 4 articles for herbalists and anyone interested in using plants for medicine: 1. Paul Bergner brings us the History […]

Mar 092015
New Book: The Herbal Wisdom Treasury

Now Available To Order: HERBAL WISDOM TREASURY Vital Knowledge & Essential Skills –––Selections from Plant Healer Magazine 2010-2014––– Edited by Jesse Wolf Hardin & Kiva Rose – Foreword by Paul Bergner 345 pages, b&w, 8.5×11”  – Over 1,000 illustrations – Softcover $29 Order Your Copy Here Now presenting a collection of intriguing, information-packed articles for the students […]