Nov 212012
Creek Indian Medicine, PHM Excerpt by Phyllis Light

Creek Indian Medicine by Phyllis D. Light Intro: Phyllis is one of the more naturally insightful herbalists we know, as well as one of the few in our community blessed to have grown up in a place-based healing tradition.  Southern Appalachian Herbalism is informed not only by African, Celtic and other European strands, but by […]

Nov 192012
Plant Healer Sneak Peek... & Community Alert

Plant Healer Sneak Peek… & Community Alert Releasing Dec. 3rd is the Winter issue of Plant Healer, Issue #9, continuing our mission to not only inform and inspire, but also assist the revitalization of our folk herbal community. New Content We’ve added 2 new departments this quarter.  The first is called “The Herbalist Mother: An […]

Nov 042012
Plant Totems: Identifying Our Most Personal Herbal Ally by Jesse Wolf Hardin

The following is excerpted from a much longer piece featured in the current issue of Plant Healer Magazine, and that will be included in Wolf’s next book, “Finding Our Medicine”.  As far as I know it is the most extensive and inspirational work ever done on the seldom explored subject of personal, practical plant totems.  […]

Sep 242012
Plant Healer Annual Volume 2 - 1,000 pages!

We’re fresh back from putting on our 3rd annual event for herbalists, now called The Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous: Medicine Of the People, By the People, For the People.  What a shindig!  There were more participants, and there was more diversity, energy and excitement than ever before!  One of our first tasks after getting home, was […]

Aug 262012
Plant Healer Call For Writers: U.S. & International

Plant Healer CALL FOR U.S. & INTERNATIONAL WRITERS (Herbalist, Wildcrafter, Grower, Activist…) Plant Healer Magazine – the “magazine different” – is calling for new writers with new perspectives and a deeply personal and powerful style… on subjects related to herbalism and herbal related arts and culture.  We have a cadre of awesome authors contributing to […]

Aug 132012
Last Printing of the 2010-2011 Plant Healer Annual

Last Of The 2011 Plant Healer Annuals – And Upcoming! Limited Number Remaining: 2011 Plant Healer Annual Book We’re down to our last 70 copies, and with the upcoming release of the 2012 version, it’s uncertain if we will be printing any more of the 2011 Annual – 800 pages of articles, interviews, photos and […]

Jul 302012
Interview with Curandero Charles Garcia

Plant Healer Interview with Charles “Doc” Garcia (curandero) In Dialogue With Jesse Wolf Hardin – May, 2012 Doc Garcia is the founder of the California School of Traditional Hispanic Herbalism, street herbalist and well intentioned provocateur, as well as a regular Plant Healer writer and teacher at the Traditions In Western Herbalism Conferences.  His teachings […]

Jul 172012
Greek Herbal Medicine: The Four Qualities and the Four Degrees by Matthew Wood

Intro: The following is an excerpt from the Spring 2012 issue Plant Healer, herbalist Matthew Wood’s excellent explanation of the basics of Greek Herbal Medicine, a predecessor to subsequent Western herbal healing traditions.  This never before published work is an example of the contributions Matt has been making to Plant Healer Magazine through his regular […]

Jun 252012
Corazón a Corazón: Exploring Traditional Models of the Healer’s Practice

Excerpted from the Summer 2012 Issue of Plant Healer Magazine Corazón a Corazón: Exploring Traditional Models of the Healer’s Practice by Kiva Rose Hardin Even after so many years of devotion to the plants and experiential practice in herbalism, something just didn’t feel right… At a certain point in my healing studies, I narrowed my […]

Jun 052012
It's Here!: 300 Page Summer Plant Healer Magazine …. It’s Here! Now Available For Download: The Nearly 300 Page Long Summer Issue of PLANT HEALER The Magazine Different …. Yes, crazy us!  297 full color pages, stuffed with all manner of herbal medicine and plant wisdom, leading edge practice and the history of healing, art and humor…. the best writers in herbalism […]

Jun 052012
River Medicine: Alder’s Transformation of Lymph, Blood, and The Human Ecology

This monograph was previously published by Plant Healer Magazine River Medicine: Alder’s Transformation of Lymph, Blood, and The Human Ecology by Kiva Rose “Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.” – Norman MacLean Common Names: Alder, Mountain Alder, Canyon Alder, Red Alder, River Alder, Thinleaf Alder etc., Botanical Name: Alnus spp. […]