Feb 182014
Becoming The Enchanted Healer

BECOMING THE ENCHANTED HEALER by Kiva Rose “The Enchanted Healer” is the second in our trilogy of books for herbalists and other natural Healers.  While the previous “Plant Healer’s Path” focused on education and empowerment, this second volume is all about heightened physical senses, awareness, plant spirit, Gaia and ecocentric spirituality, magic, enchantment and enjoyment […]

Jan 232014
A Holistic View of Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, & ADHD

Asperger’s and Autism are much misunderstood conditions, featuring brain and behavioral patterns that are abnormal but in some ways more interesting and advantageous.  The problem for anyone dealing with this condition, is finding the healthiest ways of functioning in this society without dissing one’s true nature, gifts and needs.  Asperger’s has made things difficult for […]

Jan 072014
The Enchanted Healer: Creating Our Next Book

ENCHANTMENT DIARY Creating Our New Book “The Enchanted Healer” Every moment that I wasn’t working on Plant Healer Magazine projects or the HerbFolk Gathering in the last two years, I have been giving to the creation of our next book, “The Enchanted Healer.” The second in what will be our trilogy for Healers of very […]

Dec 242013
Holiday Blessings & Year's End News

Holiday Blessings & Year’s End News It’s been a busy year for Plant Healer and Anima Sanctuary.  For over 6 months we were unable to drive in to our canyon property, with everything being carried in and out across the river on our backs… but still we managed to make some improvements to our water […]

Dec 172013
2014 HerbFolk Tickets! – and Free Herbal Newsletter

2014 HERBFOLK TICKETS – HERBFOLK PDF – & FREE HERBAL NEWSLETTER TICKETS NOW OPEN FOR The 2014 HerbFolk Gathering (Sept 18-21, Mormon Lake AZ) Steep Advance Discount – December 13th–31st Only – See Full Details At Bottom –––––––––––––––––––––– SUBSCRIBE NOW TO THE FREE PLANT HEALER NEWSLETTER I had lots of trouble with the sign-up boxes […]

Dec 092013
Interviewing Jesse Wolf Hardin of Plant Healer

Interview with Plant Healer CoCreator JESSE WOLF HARDIN by Melanie Pulla My dear life and work partner Wolf Hardin has interviewed over 30 different herbalists and wildcrafters for Plant Healer Magazine (www.PlantHealerMagazine.com) and books over the past 5 years, sharing the in-depth stories of the best known herbalists but also up and coming new voices […]

Dec 052013
2013 Plant Healer Annual Books – 1,100 Pages

  Announcing The 2013 Plant Healer Annual – Vol. #3 The 3rd edition of the Plant Healer Annual is now available to ship – two 8×11” perfect-bound b&w books totaling 1,035 pages, filled with nearly every article from the 2012/2013 issues of the “Magazine Different.” Thousands of photographs and full-page fine art illustrate pieces by […]

Nov 182013
Giving Plant Healer Books for Herbalists

Giving Plant Healer Books For Herbalists This Holiday Season ___________________________________ Choose from a dozen different books, specially written for herbalists, natural healers, plant ad nature lovers of all kinds and ages.  From an empowering kid’s book to herbal how-to and a historic novel, we hope you will find something meaningful to give to your friends […]

Nov 042013
Melanie Pulla Reviews The Plant Healer's Path

THE PLANT HEALER’S PATH A New Book by Jesse Wolf Hardin with Kiva Rose, David Hoffman, Paul Bergner, Phyllis Light & More 300 Pages, Hardbound Limited Edition $39 – Order your personal copy from the Bookstore & Gallery page at: www.PlantHealer.org Do you have a store or catalog?  Please consider ordering 10 or more softcover […]

Oct 282013
2013 Herbal Resurgence Reviews – and 2014 HerbFolk Teachers Announced!

2014 HerbFolk Gathering Teachers Confirmed! Plant Healer’s 2014 event for herbalists will be again held at gorgeous Mormon Lake, in the forests south of Flagstaff and the incomparable Grand Canyon – Sept 18th-21st LONGER CLASSES: You asked for longer, more in-depth classes, and we’ve done as asked: no classes will be shorter than 2 full […]

Oct 102013
Plant Healer Annual Coming Soon – Deadline For Ads

New Plant Healer Annual Coming Soon – Deadline For Ads ––––––––––––––––––––––––– The 2013 Plant Healer Annual Most of you know that we publish Plant Healer Annual books each year, annual collections of all the Plant Healer Magazine articles, photos and art, available only to member subscribers of the digital journal.  We just finished compiling the […]

Oct 072013
2014 HerbFolk Gathering: Last Call For Teacher Proposals, New Theme

Last Call For Teacher Proposals, New Theme: 2014 HerbFolk Gathering PlantHealer.org –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Final Call For 2014 Teacher Proposals The next Plant Healer event – the Herbfolk Gathering, Sept 18-21 – is going to have some truly awesome teachers creating a new format like no other… and we have just a very few class slots left […]