Mar 162012
Kids, Common Infections, Herbs & Antibiotics by Aviva Romm

Kids, Common Infections, Herbs & Antibiotics Excerpted from the now available Spring 2012 Issue of Plant Healer Magazine by Aviva Romm September 1, 2011, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a report on the problem of unnecessary antibiotic prescribing for kids. They found that doctors are unnecessarily prescribing antibiotics for kids more than 50% [...]

Mar 072012
Alder in Bloom - Plant Healer Spring Poster

From the new Spring issue of PLANT HEALER MAGAZINE The photo is a super closeup of an actual pollen release from river Alders.  Volume II Issue II is 288 full-color pages long, with articles for all ages, levels and types of herbal practitioner and aficionado… by many of herbalism’s leading voices.  To subscribe, resubscribe, submit [...]

Feb 202012
Too Much Information?

The hopefully humorous Plant Healer poster below was inspired by an email, received from a onetime subscriber only a couple of months ago. Its author surely didn’t mean anything bad by complaining that Plant Healer provides “too much information.”  A second reader complained she ran out of printer ink printing out every issue of this [...]

Feb 172012
Folk Herbalists in Spring - Plant Healer Cover

Here’s a sneak peak at the front cover of our upcoming SPRING ISSUE of Plant Healer Magazine, to be released the first Monday of March.  The photo is of a plate decorated with traditional Ukrainian lacquerware technique, entitled “Folk Herbalists in Spring”, making it a shoo-in for this season’s cover choice.  Subscribe, submit or advertise [...]

Jan 192012
New Plant Healer Columnist: Phyllis Light - Appalachian Herbalist

It’s important that Plant Healer Magazine not have so many columnists that room runs out for contributions from others.  Last time we announced the addition of quarterly contributions from Susun Weed… and this round, we found we couldn’t resist adding just one final column: . Mountain Medicine: Traditional Healing Folkways by Phyllis Light Phyllis D. [...]

Jan 162012
Plant Healer Spring Issue Sneak Peak

Plant Healer – Spring Sneak Peak! And A Call For Your Submissions Plant Healer consciously casts a wide and inclusive tent, giving voice to folk herbalists of every age, gender, ethnicity, and level of experience or education.  If you are interested in the study and practice of plant medicine,  its culture and development, you’re welcomed.  [...]

Dec 182011
Seeking Media Outreach Assistance for TWHC and Plant Healer Magazine

Now Seeking Outreach, Advertising & Media Helpers . for Plant Healer Magazine & Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference . Custom Bear painting by Andrea Gutierrez of & medicines from Susan Hess of Coventry Farm We’ve been very blessed to have the assistance of our existing volunteers, but there is so much to [...]

Dec 022011
Plant Healer Anniversary Issue – Sneak Peak & Conference Discount

PLANT HEALER MAGAZINE ANNIVERSARY ISSUE A Celebratory 265 Pages In Length!! Winter – Volume II – Issue I Available For Download Dec. 5th “Enlivening the practice, culture and art of folk herbalism” •Table of Contents Sneak Peak •New Susun Weed Column & More •Lengthy Interviews With the Awesome Phyllis Light & Fascinating Susun Weed [...]

Aug 022011
Plant Healer Interview with Todd Caldecott

The following is a lengthy excerpt from the current issue of Plant Healer Magazine with herbalist Todd Caldecott of Vancouver, a practitioner with over 15 years of clinical experience. Todd’s practice integrates Western Clinical Herbalism with Ayurveda and the synthesis results in an insightful look at Western herbalism from a unique perspective. Plant Healer Magazine: [...]

Jun 072011
Plant Healer Magazine News

Issue #3 Now Available! New Subscription Rates Breakdown Changes In Your Subscriptions Management Exciting New Forager Column by Sam Thayer New Interviews Department Overview of Issue #3 Topics New Subscription Rates Out of consideration for readers who are struggling financially, we now offer 2 subscription options: a new $37 rate that includes a year’s issues [...]

Feb 272011
The Language of Healing, Guest Post by Jesse Wolf Hardin

The Language of Healing: The Power Of Conscious Vernacular & Deliberate Terminology by Jesse Wolf Hardin An Excerpt from the full length article, in the March Issue of Plant Healer: A Journal of Traditional Western Herbalism. Languages are forever evolving, depending on shifting understandings and cultural context, the watering down of some definitions and the [...]