Oct 102013
Plant Healer Annual Coming Soon – Deadline For Ads

New Plant Healer Annual Coming Soon – Deadline For Ads ––––––––––––––––––––––––– The 2013 Plant Healer Annual Most of you know that we publish Plant Healer Annual books each year, annual collections of all the Plant Healer Magazine articles, photos and art, available only to member subscribers of the digital journal.  We just finished compiling the […]

Oct 072013
2014 HerbFolk Gathering: Last Call For Teacher Proposals, New Theme

Last Call For Teacher Proposals, New Theme: 2014 HerbFolk Gathering PlantHealer.org –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Final Call For 2014 Teacher Proposals The next Plant Healer event – the Herbfolk Gathering, Sept 18-21 – is going to have some truly awesome teachers creating a new format like no other… and we have just a very few class slots left […]

Aug 252013
Plant Healer Interview: Paul Bergner

Plant Healer Interview: Paul Bergner In Conversation with Jesse Wolf Hardin The following is a powerful excerpt from my talk with our friend and provocateur Paul Bergner, one of the truly most insightful, honest, forthcoming and visionary of herbalists alive today. After four full decades of doing this work, it was a pleasure to draw […]

Aug 212013
Plant Healer Magazine Fall Issue Sneak Peek

Plant Healer Magazine – Fall Issue SNEAK PEEK Over 250 Pages – Releases Sept. 2nd Subscribe at: PlantHealerMagazine.com Sept. 2nd is the release date for the exciting 12th Plant Healer Magazine, the final issue of Volume III.   We’re very excited about its content, another great collection of insights and experiences from many of the best […]

Aug 112013
Available Now: The Plant Healer's Path by Jesse Wolf & Kiva Rose

Now Available to Order, the New Book: THE PLANT HEALER’S PATH A Grassroots Guide For The HerbFolk Tribe by Jesse Wolf Hardin with Kiva Rose plus David Hoffman, Paul Bergner, Phyllis Light, Sam Coffman, Rebecca Altman, & Roger Wicke 302 pages, 8.5×11”, over 100 photos & art illustrations Limited Edition Cloth Covered Hardback!: Preorder Now: $39 […]

Aug 042013
Free Plant Healer Newsletter

Free Plant Healer Newsletter We’ve expanded not only the length but the scope of our free digital journal for herbalists, wildcrafters and plant lovers of all kinds, renaming it the “Plant Healer’s Newsletter.”  Published 6 to 10 times per year, this newsletter will feature advance excerpts from upcoming Plant Healer issues, as well as inspiring […]

May 292013
Plant Healer News and Sneak Peek

PLANT HEALER NEWS Summer Issue Sneak Peek www.PlantHealerMagazine.com Dammit!  Dammit! The just-finished Summer 2013 Plant Healer is over 320 pages in length…. a new record, even though we said we’d do our best to keep it smaller – presenting over 120,000 words of herbal wisdom and inspiration, a single magazine issue the size of all […]

May 042013
The Folk Herbal Tribe

The Folk Herbal Tribe by Jesse Wolf Hardin www.AnimaCenter.org   www.HerbalResurgence.org Whether we realize it or not, we are – as clinicians, gardeners, foragers, medicinal plant conservationists, botanists, plant illustrators, students as well as teachers of plant medicine – all constituent members of an herbal community. This is true even if we mainly do our work […]

Apr 222013
21st Century Herbalists Book Wholesale Offer

21st Century Herbalists Book Special Wholesale Offer — Herbalist Interviews Books Shipping Soon —- We just got word from our printers that softcover versions of our new interviews book “21st Century Herbalists” are finished and on their way to us, with the Limited Edition hardcovers following shortly thereafter.  We’re excited to soon be able to […]

Mar 252013
Luminarias: Giving Voice to Folk Herbalism

Reflections by Kiva Rose Inspired by the Book “21st Century Herbalists” www.PlantHealerMagazine.com I took the opportunity to reread all the amazing conversations in our new book, “21st Century Herbalists,” and it makes me feel stronger than ever about what these practitioners’ teaching, lives and stories offer to us all. Luminarias are paper lanterns common to […]

Mar 182013
Juliet Blankespoor - Herbalist Interview

The following is a 2,600 words-long excerpt of a great Plant Healer interview Wolf conducted with herbalist/gardener/teacher Juliet Blankespoor. You can look forward to a 5,800 word version in the next (Summer) issue of Plant Healer Magazine. The entire, full length 8,000 word conversation can only be found in our new book of interviews, “21st […]

Mar 052013
21st Century Herbalists - New Book of Interviews Releases

Now Available To PreOrder, Retail or Wholesale Jesse Wolf Hardin in intimate conversation with 21 of the most intriguing herbalists and foragers of our times: 21st CENTURY HERBALISTS: Rock Stars, Radicals and Root Doctors 386 pages, 8.5×11” with over 500 b&w photos and illustrations Limited Edition – Special Fern Colored Linen Hardcover Version – $39 […]