May 022008

Check out this great post by Paul Bergner regarding the wonderfulness of eating meat, and here’s a quote to whet your appetite: A very large trial showed that meat eating was protective against heart disease, and a large and growing body of evidence shows that meat eating is protective against osteoporosis and its worst endpoint.  […]

Apr 232008

First things first: I don’t recommend ever putting a salve on a fresh burn. It seems to hold the heat in and aggravate the burn. Once the heat is gone from the burn, salves can be very healing. Second, don’t put ice on burns, especially severe burns, you run the risk of increasing tissue loss […]

Feb 212008

The guidelines below are rather general but can be helpful when used in context. I’m mostly referring to excessive menstrual bleeding, miscarriage or abortion aftercare. Post-partum is a bit different, and I’m not as familiar with it. Perhaps the most important aspect to examine here, is what defines excessive. It’s perfectly natural for some women […]

Jan 252008

In a culture caught up in brand name diets, and “detoxifying” lifestyles, it’s quite easy to get sucked into the latest low-fat diet or sugar-free fad. All of us want to be healthier, and all of us want to feed our families the optimal, nutritive foods. So how do we sort through the mind-numbing array […]