Jan 112008

I’ve had steadily worsening blood sugar swings over the past few years despite a high quality/low carb diet, daily nourishing herbal infusions and being in good shape. My blood sugar swings resulted in fatigue, nausea, mood swings, dizziness and other unpleasantness. And no matter how carefully, or how often, I ate, it just got worse. […]

Jan 072008

You might have guessed by now, that we don’t yet have internet. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we’re rescheduled for installation this coming Saturday. ‘Course now the river’s up, and driving conditions questionable for bringing the satellite man into the canyon. Sheesh. It’ll seem like some kind of miracle if I can answer emails from home […]

Dec 032007

3 Parts Larrea leaf/flower infused oil 2 Parts Cottonwood bud infused oil 1 Part Cypress (or Thuja) leaf/berry infused oil 1 Part Ginger root infused oil Sprinkle of Chile powder (you can use Cayenne, but I prefer Chile Piquin myself) Blend oils and Chile powder, then add melted beeswax until you reach your desired consistency. […]

Nov 042007
Soothing Compress for Sore Eyes

    I’ve been working on my newest Sagewoman piece and I’m a little over my deadline, so I’ve been doing long hours. As a result my eyes are all bloodshot and scary. And they hurt like hell. I was gazing thoughtfully (or agonizingly, take your pick) in the mirror earlier and thought to myself […]

Oct 312007

This is a nice little recipe to use when there’s deep, hard congestion low in the chest and possible inflammation and infection. It’s also good for simple sinus congestion. All three of these herbs are traditional lung and sinus herbs, and have the total effect of instant (though somewhat temporary) congestion, reducing inflammation and tightening […]

Oct 252007

Sometimes called Spanish Needles because of it’s sharp, clinging black seeds, this humble weed has an amazing capacity for healing. Lovely, vaguely fragrant and common, what sets Bidens apart from many other plants is the fact that it’s a very effective mucus membrane tonic. And good herbs of that class are fairly hard to come […]

Oct 222007

It’s become fairly common knowledge even among the scientific establishment that honey makes a superior burn and wound dressing. It’s especially good at preventing and resolving infection, even with antibiotic resistant infections. It also excels at keeping inflammation to a manageable level and seems to help the regeneration of new tissue. The next obvious step […]

Oct 122007
Bitters for the Nomadic Belly (More Reasons to Love Mugwort)

Most of us know bitters stimulate the digestion, speeding along some gastric juiciness to assist in the breaking down food process. We also know that the Artemisias are among the very bitterest plants commonly available. Bitter, cooling and protective to the liver and gut in general. So why then do so many of suffer through […]

Oct 082007

My new favorite approach to acute UTIs is primarily based around Cranberries/Blueberries and Bee Balm (Monarda spp.) While I’ve messed with what seems like a thousand different variations on good UTI formulas including Uva Ursi/Manzanita, Horsetail, Yarrow, Echinacea, Cornsilk and so on, I’ve had inconsistent results. Recent experiences have given me very good results with […]