Aug 092007
A Few of my Favorite Calming & Uplifting Herbs

Not an exhaustive list of course, but a small number of the plants I’m most likely to use in any given situation. Don’t forget to try Magnesium and other trace minerals for any seemingly random emotional problems. These kind of plants often act very differently according to the individual, and so it’s important to proceed [...]

Aug 042007

Everyone, or nearly so, in our small village has a terrible hacking, icky cold. All of us here at the Sanctuary have been a bit run down and short on sleep so it was no surprise when Loba woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat, low grade fever, muscle aches and copious phlegm and [...]

Jun 072007
Weedy Treatments for Liver Heat and Congestion with a Special Emphasis on Viral Hepatitis

These are therapeutic suggestions for conditions that can be caused by underlying constitutional imbalance, that are in turn aggravated by food allergies and deficiencies, lifestyle, environmental factors, solvent poisoning and diseases such as viral Hepatitis. I personally feel that the overall constitution should be taken into account before treatment, which means if you are a [...]

May 162007

Recently, an apprentice of ours was bitten by a tick on her arm. I’ve never ever ever seen a tick here and neither has Wolf, and he’s been here nearly thirty years. But ah well, she pulled a tick off of her arm (inner elbow crease area), and the bite site proceeded to swell up, [...]

Apr 032007
Alder: Tree of Transformation & Healing

You remember that toothache I talked about a few posts ago? Well, despite repeated attempts with various herbs including Oregon Grape Root, Usnea, Redroot, Balsamroot and Echinacea, I was unable to shake the infection that seemed to just roam throughout my mouth. The herbs managed to keep the pain and swelling in check, but never [...]

Mar 212007
One Herbalist’s Pain is Another’s Gain

It’s been a little while since my last post, mostly due to an ongoing series of illnesses here at home. They haven’t been too much fun for me (except that weird thrill some herbalists get at the opportunity to experiment on themselves and their loved ones), but I thought they might be helpful to readers. [...]

Mar 082007
Twelve Tips for Cultivating Intimacy with your Plant Allies

When we use the same plant day in and day out, or when we have a significant experience with that plant we start to feel a strong bond with it, similar to the relationship we might have with a lover or friend. But also very different than any human relationship, the plants may work their [...]

Mar 072007
An Introduction to Specific Medicines

We’ve all seen those ads in slick alternative health magazines pushing Goldenseal as an “herbal antibiotic”, and we’ve read those generic herb articles proclaiming the next miracle herb that “studies show” will cure arthritis, build sexual endurance, give you energy when you haven’t slept in a week, help you win the lottery and give you [...]

Eat Your Medicine

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Mar 012007
Eat Your Medicine

Why take a tincture when you can have a tasty salad instead? While some situations call for strong doses of an infection-fighting decoction or a sedating tincture, in most cases it’s preferable to take your medicine in your food. There are a multitude of reasons for this, but we’ll cover a few here. 1) Healing [...]

Feb 242007
A Simple Belly Brew

Below is a simple recipe that I use for general ~excess~ stomach problems, and for what could be called IBS, although Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a broad name for any otherwise undiagnosable stomach problems. Symptoms might include bloating, flatulence, intermittent diarrhea & constipation, digestive headaches, sour stomach and other damp heat symptoms. This isn’t to [...]

Feb 112007
Choice Injury Herbs

Living the Southwest means you get injured a lot: volcanic rock, an extraordinarily diverse array of cacti, pokey plants like Yucca, Agave and Nolina and lots of venomous insects like scorpions and spiders makes for good experience in general injury aid. While these herbs are primarily local SW herbs, you’ll usually be able to find [...]

Feb 082007

I’m posting here the essay about “getting” herbs that Henriette referenced in her blog post the other day. This is an introductory piece to Shamanic Herbalism that I wrote for my students. I’ll post more in-depth information and insights on the same subject soon. Entering the Green World: Shamanic Herbalism & Sacred Plant Medicineby Kiva [...]

Feb 082007
Elemental Energetics

The energetics of primary importance for the practicing herbalist refer to temperature and moistness: hot, cold, dry and moist in varying degrees. If you simply learn to recognize those energies in humans and plants, you will be well on your way to utilizing the enormous potential of herbal energetics. Although there is varying ways of [...]