Sep 232014
The Enchantment of the HerbFolk Gathering and A Call for 2015 Teacher Proposals

An Amazing 2014 HerbFolk Gathering! Kiva and I are still reeling from the ecstatic power of this year’s Plant Healer event, the HerbFolk Gathering.  It was without a doubt the most magical, loving, and empowering of our many conferences.  The teachers were amazing, and their classes like none others, welcomed by a community of folk […]

Aug 042013
Free Plant Healer Newsletter

Free Plant Healer Newsletter We’ve expanded not only the length but the scope of our free digital journal for herbalists, wildcrafters and plant lovers of all kinds, renaming it the “Plant Healer’s Newsletter.”  Published 6 to 10 times per year, this newsletter will feature advance excerpts from upcoming Plant Healer issues, as well as inspiring […]

Jul 012013
The Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous Finale!

Attend The Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous Finale! Register now to attend the final ever Herbal Resurgence conference, Sept. 19-22.   This is your last chance to be a part of what has been a celebratory, seditious, life changing event.  There will never be another one like it!   Why The Change? Wolf and I are share […]

Nov 142012
2012 Herbal Resurgence Class Notes Book Available

      Announcing 2012 Herbal Resurgence Class Notes Book $18 For those of you who missed out on attending the 2012 Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous in Arizona last September, we’re now offering a special combined Class Notes and Event Book in pdf form, 230 pages of priceless herbal information from a majority of last […]

Sep 032012
Medicine of The People, By The People, For The People

Intro: The following is an article appearing in the Sept. issue of Northern Arizona’s much loved culture and entertainment paper “The Noise.”  Adroit author Sarah interviewed Wolf and myself for this lengthy article on folk herbalism, Wolf’s powerful new novel The Medicine Bear, and the 2012 Medicine of The People conference Sept. 13-16…. meant to […]

Aug 212012
Medicine Of The People: TWHC No More!

The “cat’s out of the bag”… the much beloved Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference is now Medicine Of The People The Folk Herbal Resurgence …a name we believe does a better job of evoking the wild spirit and populist mission, incorrigible attitude and inimitable character of this one-of-a-kind event, coinciding with our move from Ghost […]

May 202012
Upcoming Issue of the TWH Newsletter

Announcing a Free 60 Page Long Edition of The Traditions In Western Herbalism Newsletter To Get Yours, Just Sign Up By May 27th Email Sign up! This mega-long issue of the newsletter features: –––––– •Katja Swift reviewing last year’s TWH conference, and contributing an article packed with important tips for parents planning to bring children […]

May 062012
TWHC 2011 Presentation Book - Digital Edition

Conference Book and Class Notes Extensive PDF from last year’s 2011 Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference Last month we surprisingly ran across a single box of the 178 page-long 2011 TWH Conference Books, complete with extensive class notes with detailed information on a wide variety of subjects.  Since the moment last copy was sold and […]

Apr 112012
2012 TWHC Class Descriptions!

….. Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference 2012 Class Descriptions! New descriptions of our 2012 TWHC Classes posted here on the conference website. We ask our many awesome teachers to go out of their way to provide you with unique, seldom or never-before presented classes that are “unscripted, deeper and more extensive, more personal, challenging, powerful […]

Dec 182011
Seeking Media Outreach Assistance for TWHC and Plant Healer Magazine

Now Seeking Outreach, Advertising & Media Helpers . for Plant Healer Magazine & Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference . Custom Bear painting by Andrea Gutierrez of & medicines from Susan Hess of Coventry Farm We’ve been very blessed to have the assistance of our existing volunteers, but there is so much to […]

Sep 262011
The 2011 Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference

Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference Redux The Story of the 2011 Festival for Folk Herbalists “What an exciting conference. The TWHC is the new wave of herbalism in North America, featuring speakers and a community rich with a combination of long hands-on experience and fresh creativity.” -Paul Bergner “The most amazing conference ever!” -Juliet Blankespoor […]

Sep 092011
The Wild Herbalist: Class Notes by Jesse Wolf Hardin

THE WILD HERBALIST Steps Towards a More Empowered, Intensely Effective & Satisfying Life & Practice Class Notes by Jesse Wolf Hardin All Photos ©2011 Kiva Rose From the notes for The Wild Herbalist class being taught by Jesse Wolf at the upcoming TWH Conference Saturday, Sept 17th – 2:50-4:50 To Register: Envision a nature-informed, […]

Sep 232010
Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference a Resounding Success!

2010 Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference a Resounding Success! by Jesse Wolf Hardin “The TWHC is the new nexus of a folk herbalism resurgence.” -Paul Bergner, North American School of Herbalism After 14 months of non-stop preparation, and 4 days of classes and celebration, the first annual TWH Conference can be considered a resounding success!  […]