Jul 242013
In the Burned Forest: A Walk Through the Mist

In the more lightly burned areas of the forests just above us in the White Mountains of Arizona, the Fireweed is blooming in colorful profusion between the blackened spikes of destroyed trees. This beautiful member of the Onagraceae family is also one of my favorite herbs, being especially talented at reducing inflammation, astringing lax tissue, [...]

Jun 232013
What the Forest Holds: A Solstice Story in Pictures

It may be hot indeed down in the middle mountains and deserts of the Southwest, but head up a few thousand feet and the subalpine forests are cool and lush with the verdancy of the Summer Solstice. This past week Wolf and I took a much needed break to explore the cienegas of the Little [...]

Sep 302012
Spiced Roots: Autumn Updates & Harvest Celebrations

As the light shifts from the brilliance of high Summer to the shadow-touched gold of Autumn, and the last flood of color bursts from the wildflowers, I find myself rearranging my herb shelves. Nutmeg, Ginger, and Cinnamon get pulled to the forefront, along with the rooty earthiness of Burdock, Elecampane, roasted Chicory, Astragalus, and Codonopsis. [...]

Jun 132012
A Desert Fairy Tale: The Ringtail Woman

“The hills call in a tongue I cannot speak, a constant murmuring, calling the rain from my dry bones, and syllables from the marrow… Twined together, root to root, sap seeping from flesh, the Wood Wife plants me in the soil and give me language once again.” -Terri Windling, The Wood Wife Very often, we [...]

Apr 042012
Spine Songs: Spring Comes to the Northern Chihuahuan Desert

That girl, she was a Red Rock woman. Soft as pine needles and strong as the stone -Terri Windling, Red Rock Many mornings, when I wake up gazing at the brilliant lapis of the New Mexico sky, and the dusky rose of the canyon’s cliffs, I entirely forget how I managed live anywhere else. The [...]

Feb 222012
Plant Devotions in Smoke: Bioregional Plant Incense

~This post was written for the Smoke Theme of the Wild Things Roundup~ Finished block of incense made with Piñon resin, Juniper berries, Red Cedar heartwood, Douglas Fir needles, Rose petals, and much more. The rising smoke of fragrant plants has long been considered the food of gods and ancestors by humankind. Throughout the centuries, [...]

Feb 082012
Everyday Acts of Devotion

“Give me, for my life, all lives, give me all the pain of everyone, I’m going to turn it into hope. Give me all the joys, even the most secret, because otherwise how will these things be known? I have to tell them, give me the labors of everyday, for that’s what I sing” -Pablo [...]

Nov 182011
Of Smoke and Spice: Two Teas for the Cold Moons

On this windy November afternoon I brought a thermos of my favorite smoky chai and a crisp mcintosh apple with me to a small copse of Alder trees and Wild Roses by the river. Listening to the breeze keening through the Pines on the mountain above, I sat down in the soft leaf litter and [...]

Jul 202011
Medicine from Disaster: Herbs of the Mountain Meadows

Today I saw many miles of what’s pictured above. Black, dead trees and ground covered in a thick layer of ash. Exploded Pine limbs littering the periphery of the fire’s path and shattered trunks that collapsed into dust with a gentle exploratory touch on my part. While many sections of the burned forest were old [...]

Apr 032011
Spring in the Country of Lichen and Spines: Fragments of Home

Spring in the Country of Lichen & Spines: Fragments of Home by Kiva Rose ~~~~ Warm temperatures have arrived early in my corner of the Gila, with the Golden Smoke blooming sooner this year than I’ve ever previously seen. This follows a cold (-35F is plenty cold for me, thank you) and dry Winter. Now [...]

Nov 012010
Earth-Deep: On Roots and the Cold Moons

“Deep roots are not reached by frost” – J. R. R. Tolkien As the dark months roll in and the seasons change, I find myself spending a great deal of time digging, washing and chopping freshly gathered roots. The sharp fragrance of Elecampane, the earthy bite of Cebadilla, the anise intensity of Sweet Root, the [...]

Jul 142010
Deep As Root & Song: In Rambling Praise of Wildcrafting

This is for the July Blog Party on Adventures in Herbalism, hosted by Darcey Blue of Gaia’s Gifts. I’m all about the up close and personal.  I learn best through my senses and direct experience. This is perhaps more true in the way I practice herbalism and relationship with the plants than almost anything else. [...]

Dec 032009
 Green Wealth: Our Wild Plants & Weeds

Green Wealth: Our Wild Plants & Weeds by Kiva Rose http://animacenter.org We meet in a canyon greened by early spring rains and filled with the lush plant life that will fill our baskets and bags by the afternoon’s end. The people who gather to celebrate and learn about the local flora are as diverse as [...]

Jul 102009
Essential Elements by Jesse Wolf Hardin

A lyrical and personal piece by partner, Jesse Wolf Hardin, on the inextricable relationship between ourselves and the elements. Experiential, vibrant and deeply necessary, Wolf’s piece reminds us to expand our awareness out from out individual bodies into the larger body of the inspirited earth, to cultivate a sensorial awareness and to notice the preciousness [...]