May 252008
The Greening of the Canyon

The snow and rain earlier in the week have made for rapid green growth throughout the canyon bottom. I was down by the river this evening playing in the plants and gathering Horsetail and couldn’t help but snap a few pictures of the absolute glory of spring in the Gila. It’s just the beginning too, […]

Mar 242008

Walking home through the forest I hear spring’s first songbirds trilling and wheeling above. They move rapidly from tree to tree, making nests and announcing territory. I step carefully along the path, watchful for the newly blooming pink Vetch flowers that crouch close to the ground and peek out from under pine needles and fallen […]

Feb 182008
Unexpected Love Affairs with Weeds

It’s funny how the plants get our attention… I often have all these carefully made plans about which plants to use in medicine, all methodically based in sustainability, availability and the balance they can provide my materia medica. I’m always aware that I’m using only a tiny piece of the many plants available around the […]

Feb 072008
Ecology of the Gila

Ok, I just have to point this out…. I do not live in the desert. Just because I’m in New Mexico, one part of the American Southwest, does not make my home the desert. Don’t get me wrong, I love the desert, in fact I go out of my way to visit the nearby deserts. […]

Feb 062008

This last flood remade the canyon bottom with its fifteen foot walls of water and the huge tree bodies spinning down the current…. where there were straight lines now there’s curves, where there were trees, the ground has been stripped…. There’s several feet of new earth in some places, building up the ground so that […]

Jan 232008

There’s another storm moving in. The river’s just got back to a nearly normal level, and the nights have been bitterly cold. Rhiannon is outside dancing for snow, because like most Southwestern children, she never tires of the fun of fluffy, wet white stuff falling out a cool, dark sky. Surely an unusual and beautiful […]

Dec 132007

Wow, what a crazy last few days, complete with a snowstorm that descended just as Loba and I were walking down the mountain to home. At first, the flakes were small and hard, pretty iridescent gems that scattered at our feet on the pine needle clad path. It quickly became an impenetrable¬† swirl of heavy […]