Jul 122007
Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I turned 27! To celebrate, Loba, Rhiannon and our intern, Kyra, climbed the arroyo to seek out the (hopefully) ripe Gooseberries. Much to our delight, about thirty percent of the Gooseberries were indeed ripe. So into the brambles we went to gather the tart black berries, between the four of us we managed to […]

Jun 172007
Another Morning in Paradise

This morning I went to spend time in one of my favorite Canyon spots, a little place I call the Alder Throne, where many silver barked Alders come together on the river bank and their roots knot into a throne like seat right above the water. The tree trunks are deeply ridged and scarred from […]

May 022007

I’ve always loved traveling and once upon a time, considered myself a lifelong nomad. I’ve lived all over the country and visited just about everywhere in th mainland US. So I thought a little journey to the Black Hills for a symposium in Deadwood, SD would be alright. And there’s always the plus of meeting […]

Feb 192007
The Dream of the Earth: A Return to the Wisdom of Roots, Leaves & Flowers

Little could I have known what strange paths I would walk once I remembered the ancient language of Earth and plant and animal and gave myself up to its voice. -John Seed A truly human intimacy…. is needed. We are returning to our native place after a long absence, meeting once again with our kin […]

Feb 162007
The Sap is Running

The Cottonwood trees are budding, the Pink Filaree is already blooming and the Mugwort and Mallow are growing so rapidly I can hardly keep up with them. We had Spring Nettle soup a few nights ago and I’m eagerly anticipating the return of the Watercress (provided the Spring floods don’t come early this year). The […]

Feb 082007

I’m posting here the essay about “getting” herbs that Henriette referenced in her blog post the other day. This is an introductory piece to Shamanic Herbalism that I wrote for my students. I’ll post more in-depth information and insights on the same subject soon. Entering the Green World: Shamanic Herbalism & Sacred Plant Medicineby Kiva […]

Jan 072007
Once Upon a Time…

And like an attentive lover, we lean closer and closer to that which we adore, learn from, give to and depend upon. In the course of such courting and knowing we may find ourselves bending ever lower, in order to see better the psychedelic patterns of river water coursing over our legs, or the complex […]