Oct 022007

Harvesting Motherwort from the Weed Garden this morning, I grinned like a little kid as I snipped each fibrous stalk and added the feathery green beings to my basket. It’s so simple and maybe even a little silly but this is what I’ve wanted to do my whole life. Not just working as a healer, […]

Sep 302007

October Blogparty: The First Ally In the beginning, in even the coldest forests of the North, grew a tree with so much power that her flowers could cure blindness and the healers of many peoples held her in the highest regard. A tree so sacred that her limbs couldn’t be gathered without permission and her […]

Sep 202007

I found it! High Mountain Herb Heaven is very nearby! Yesterday, Loba and I were on a mission to find local Apples, mostly because they taste better but also because the cardboard Apples in the store are something like $1.50/lb. We asked around and all the usual suspects had lost their Apple flowers to late […]

Sep 082007

Wherever I go, I carry a red woven wool bag from Guatemala. It can be worn as a backpack or carried over the shoulder, I’ve even attached it to my belt on a few occasions. Inside the bag lives many of my most important tools, medicine items and plants. Since students keep trying to peek […]

Sep 022007
Rooted In Intimacy: Falling in Love with the Flora of Home

The nights and mornings feel much cooler since the lunar eclipse and the plants are responding to the temperature change through shifting color and vigorous fruiting. As the light shifts from the summer fireball blast to the luminescent gold of another mountain autumn I’m out checking on the plants, making a few lists and prioritizing […]

Jul 122007
Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I turned 27! To celebrate, Loba, Rhiannon and our intern, Kyra, climbed the arroyo to seek out the (hopefully) ripe Gooseberries. Much to our delight, about thirty percent of the Gooseberries were indeed ripe. So into the brambles we went to gather the tart black berries, between the four of us we managed to […]