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I’ve had steadily worsening blood sugar swings over the past few years despite a high quality/low carb diet, daily nourishing herbal infusions and being in good shape. My blood sugar swings resulted in fatigue, nausea, mood swings, dizziness and other unpleasantness. And no matter how carefully, or how often, I ate, it just got worse. Last Spring, Darcey mentioned that Chromium is specific for improving the function of insulin, and therefore blood sugar, in the body.

It took me awhile, as I’m not one for supplements of any kind, but I finally got some ionic Chromium. As per Paul Bergner’s recommendations, I started taking 300 mcg per day. Within three weeks, my blood sugar symptoms were all gone. Not just lessened or eased, but flat out gone. I’ve found that I have to keep taking it fairly regularly in order to keep the effects. If I go without it a month or two, I start having symptoms again.

According to Bergner, Chromium is depleted through the urine in association with high carbohydrate diets. And while I now I eat a low-carb diet, when I was younger I ate a ~mostly~ carb diet that resulted in adrenal burnout as well as many nutritional deficiencies. It’s obvious with use, that Chromium works much MUCH better when carbs are cut down in the diet than if the regular American diet, especially one including large amounts of refine sugar, is continued.

Since then, and since reading up extensively on insulin resistance, I’ve been recommending Chromium to anyone with blood sugar disorders, and the results can be pretty amazing. Anyone who’s ever lived with moderate to severe hypoglycemia, or diabetes, knows how debilitating and degenerative the process can be. Somewhere between Nettle seeds, Chromium, lifestyle changes and cutting out most carbs I feel like my body been able to restore itself on a nearly miraculous level.

Food sources cited by Bergner as containing significant amounts of Chromium include calf liver, oysters, brewer’s yeast and potatoes with skin. However, I was not able to heal my deficiency with food sources alone. I am trying to maintain my current status with food though, and we’ll see how that goes.

Food and herb sources of Chromium cited by Susun Weed include Barley grass, prunes, nuts, mushrooms, liver, beets, whole wheat, bee pollen, oatstraw, red clover, catnip, dulse, wild yam, yarrow, horsetail; roots of black cohosh, licorice, echinacea, valerian, sarsaparilla.

The Healing Power of Minerals, Special Nutrients and Trace Elements by Paul Bergner
The New Menopausal Years by Susun Weed

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  1. yay! I’m so glad you’ve found a combination of things that work well for you! It’s amazing what a little extra nutrition will do for one. Food is vital, but soemtiems you need the extra to push you up over the edge of illness and deficiency and back to health!

  2. Hrm. Very interesting. I definitely still have blood sugar issues from time to time. I too ate *extremely* carb heavy at as a kid/young adult. Prednizone use in subsequent years hit my pancreas, liver and adrenals pretty hard too. The nettle seeds are definitely HUGE for me lately, along with maca root. Lots more energy, lots less crash etc. But yeah, I can totally see where the extra bit of a bump to get you over the hill can be extremely useful, and I do still feel like I’m treading uphill many days.

    Mind if I ask if there’s a particular brand of Chromium that was recommended to you?

  3. Trace mInerals research makes a nice liquid ionic chromium in a 2 oz dropper bottle for easy dosing. (as well as magnesium, zinc, selenium and a multi trace mineral formula) Frankly, I’ve used the private label brand of GTF chromium from the store i work at, and it works just fine. Source Naturals make an affordable tablet as well that are very tiny and work well.

    But i definatley think ionic is a better way to go with most minerals, just so much more available and absorbable, and smaller doses are effective. but slightly pricer.

  4. All of what Darcey said is great, and I’ve ended up just using Liquimins, which works fine as far as I can tell…

  5. Regarding brands, there are several sites out there that allow people to post user reviews of various health products. It is important that you find sites that don’t actually sell any products, or the reviews will be biased. For instance, take a look at http://www.nutritionaltree.com

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