I welcome your comments, but keep in mind that the Anima Lifeways & Herbal School, Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference, Anima Healing Arts Clinic and the Medicine Woman Herbal Clinic all keep me very busy, so I may not be able to answer your herb questions or give personal advice. If you need one on one personal time with me concerning your health and overall well-being, please consider applying for a healing consultation, which are completely donation based and allow me to spend focused time with you. If you have a lot of questions, enjoy my perspective and feel drawn to the Anima Tradition of Herbalism, then consider signing up for a correspondence course, visiting our 80 acre botanical sanctuary for an Animá Herbal Intensive to study with me in person or attending The Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference, held near Santa Fe each year,  organized by myself and Jesse Wolf Hardin and sponsored in part by our Animá Lifeways & Herbal School.

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