New Herbal Resurgence Site!

New Herbal Resurgence Site!

Your new Herbal Resurgence is uploaded and ready for you to check out!  Kiva spent most of the last several days creating it with new software, making the menu more intuitive and easy to read, and making the many crucial judgment calls that are the primary reason we can never hire development out to a webmaster.  While there’s admittedly a lot of work involved for both of us, we feel it requires our personal attentions, and the results are certainly most gratifying!:

We’ve gone for a new look yet again, exuding more of this event’s particular wildness, flair and exuberance with each subsequent upgrade.  I created the masthead to reflect Arizona’s lush green forests as well as the burnt orange and shaded umber of its fabled canyon cliffs, while completely rewrote the website text to better describe the unique spirit of both this gathering and tribe.

The Herbal Resurgence splash page leads to three different branches of the site, one to a Community section that will increasingly include links and forums for discussion as a networking tool for our far flung tribe; a second branch leading folks to Plant Healer Magazine, and a third taking you to pages about the upcoming Resurgence Rendezvous.  Included already, are the 2013 Class Descriptions and Teacher Bios, with the complete class schedule being added December 1 when the first discounted tickets go on sale.  You’ll note that great classes begin already on Thursday afternoon in ’13, kicked off by with Paul Bergner, Sarah Lawless, Phyllis Light, Jim McDonald, Sean Donahue and a sacred-time plant walk with Phyllis Hogan.

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“Folk herbalism is the people’s medicine, tried and true, shaped by the land, driven by the healthcare needs of its inhabitants, and handed down through the generations by mouth and pen. Its vocabulary is that of geography, the plants, the elements, the earth and the sky. At its most glorious, folk herbalism heals the people and the land in one motion, because we really can’t separate the two..” –Phyllis Light, SE Herbalist

“Some gentle folk commented to me this could be the start of new renaissance in American herbalism. I’m less poetic. This could be the start of a well needed revolution. It is time to remember the wisdom of our grandparents and our elders and bring it back to the forefront of herbal practice. It is time to bring back the heart and passion of American herbalism.” –Charles “Doc” Garcia, Curandero

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