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In the midst of creating the Summer issue of Plant Healer, organizing the TWH Conference and preparations for an oncoming wildfire, I’m also pleased to be able to announce the release of Wolf’s new book, The Medicine Bear. A powerful novel of love, healing, devotion, coming of age, and sense of place, but more than any single element, it is a tapestry of the vital medicine that connects the people to the land, and all of us to each other. The skillful hands of the curandera heal even while the soldiers endure a bloody struggle. Through it all, the medicine of this tale is found in the power of personal transformation and bone-deep passion. Readers of novels as diverse as Frazier’s Cold Mountain and Urrea’s The Hummingbird’s Daughter will be pulled into the mythic yet eerily relevant story of the Medicine Bear. The vibrant weaving of the many cultural elements that make of the American Southwest on the border are beautifully represented, transporting us to the lapiz skies, red clay, and lush canyons of New Mexico but the tale is applicable and relatable to the reader wherever they might be.

Never has a story of magic and healing, clarity and wildness been so needed as now. Hardin’s masterful approach to magical realism and history grants us a seldom seen view into the events that have shaped the borderlands and its people. So pull up a seat, and listen to a master storyteller’s tale of an mestiza healer and her true love.

I’d appreciate your comments on the novel and would love to share them with folks, and preorders now will help us further with fire prep.  Thank you so much! -Kiva Rose

Now Available To PreOrder, The Exciting New Novel

“The story of a healer, a love, and a time of transition”
in the Enchanted Southwestern U.S. during the closing days of the Old West
by Jesse Wolf Hardin

Illustrated with 70 original Drawings and Period Photos
The First Copies Will Ship Out To You On July 15th
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“If you have ever loved, healed or been healed, bemoaned a changing society, and felt the animal spirit within you, this tale is for you.”
–Charles Garcia (Curandero and Director of the Calif. School of Traditional Hispanic Herbalism)

Follow the wild-woman herbalist and Omen, the impassioned writer and adventurer Eland and archetypal Medicine Bear through a time of great cultural as well as personal transition, down plant-filled paths of discovery and healing and to the juncture of our own return to wholeness and health, rooted home and true love, meaningful mission and – ultimately – satisfaction and contentment.

"Eland & Omen, Herb Gatherers" From The Medicine Bear by Jesse Wolf Hardin

Taking place primarily in the mountains and deserts of the American Southwest, we experience the confluence of Indian, Hispanic, and Anglo cultures that was and is New Mexico.  Spanning from the birth of Eland in 1892 to 1964 in its closing scene, its central event is a little known retaliatory raid in 1916 by Pancho Villa’s poorly equipped Indian revolutionaries, in what was the sole invasion of the U.S. by a foreign army since the War Of 1812.

"Villistas" Historic Photo from The Medicine Bear by Jesse Wolf Hardin

At the very heart of this story is always Omen, gifted but abused as a child, resilient as a pre-teen studying with the curandera Doña Rosa, determined as an adult to move past her wounds and further her craft, forever experiencing the beauty and complexity of the world through her awakened senses and caring heart.

“To Omen, they were not just wondrous sunshine-eating entities, without whom humans and most of the life on Earth would die.  Plants were proof of miracles, and reason for hope.  The inspiration for a good and balanced life, and examples of how to live it.  They were her ever growing, ever reaching truth.  They were the medicine she would need.” (from the text)

"Nuestra Señora de las Yerbas" The Medicine Bear by Jesse Wolf Hardin

Over 70 full page, 6×9” illustrations compliment the text, a combination of original drawings by the author Hardin, and antique photographs from the period adapted for this role.  Character portraits and regional stills help tell a story Hardin first painted with his descriptive and evocative words, reflecting a vision that is Omen’s, Eland’s and ours to share.

"Eland - 1920" from The Medicine Bear by Jesse Wolf Hardin

“‘Healing is a magical process,’ the curandera Doña Rosa explained to Omen, giving each word its worth and weight.  ‘We need no more proof than a bloody cut quickly healing until there is no mark, to know that our bodies are miraculous indeed.  The things we use – our focused energy, skills, prayers, practices, and knowledge of nutrition and herbs – can all assist with this miracle.  But the intention of the Medicine Woman is neither to help people escape all pain, or help some being to forever avoid its mortal demise.  Our work is to help other people to become as conscious and balanced and whole as the ever changing earth we are a part of.’”  (from the text)

"Doña Rosa, Curandera" Jesse Wolf Hardin

The Medicine Bear will be appreciated by anyone who values a well told tale with colorful details and deeply developed characters, or the Southwest’s complex multicultural history, mythos and magical allure.  And most especially, it may be treasured by current day herbalists and healers, by the lovers of magical realism, and the communicative natural world, by those of you who hear and respond to a calling of any sort, by readers welcoming of the inspiration and affirmation to do whatever it takes to fulfill your purpose and live your dream.

"Medicine Bear" -The Medicine Bear by Jesse Wolf Hardin

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“Jesse Wolf has a depth and breadth of insight, and a true writer’s touch for bringing it to life. I hope other people will read this novel and understand the world that he sustains… and hears, in the Medicine Bear’s rumble.  A book of herbal teaching, healing, loss, love, and love of the land… a remarkable treasure of words… a jewel of a story!”
–Virginia Adi

Thank you so much for you help and support!
–Kiva Rose and All

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