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TWHC Poster-8x6-72dpi

Your help is kindly requested, sharing the new trifold brochures for the conference, and making time to put up some of the matching posters. TWHC CoDirector Jesse Wolf Hardin spent nearly 20 hours designing and creating them, with his logo framed by a selection of his and my medicinal plant portraits. The background earth-tones are from his photo of volcanic cliff-rock near the Animá Sanctuary, but was picked for its ability to evoke the earthen pastel tones of the beautiful hills surrounding the Ghost Ranch conference site.

Write us to request whatever number of brochures you can put to good use, ideally handed to herbal and health related business owners who may want to participate by sponsoring, vending or practicing there, or left in small piles in herbal stores that will agree to keep them out. We can send you the files if you would like to print them off yourself, though you would need to know how to print on both sides.

The color posters come in 2 sizes, large 11×17 ones that we hope you can get store owners and health practitioners to commit to keep up in their windows or on their counter fronts from now until the event next September. We will be selling these as art posters at the event, but will also be happy to give a signed copy as a gift to you along with however many copies for you to post in your region or on your travels. The smaller version is 8.5X11, and is available either by writing us, or by downloading and then printing the linked poster file.

Ideal places for posting the large and small posters are herb stores, natural health stores, natural food stores, health practitioner waiting rooms, herbal and healing school foyers, university student union buildings, university medicine and botany building bulletin boards, and culturally conscious cafes. Please don’t feel like you have to take on a load… if a goodly amount of you could commit to posting even 5 or 10 – and to checking back to make sure they stay up and aren’t covered over – that would be a huge contribution!

That so many people want to involve themselves and help, is essential to making this conference a success and to ensure their will be others in subsequent years. It is also satisfying in itself, the connection we feel in this alliance of purpose. Thank you dearly from us both.

Kiva Rose & Jesse Wolf Hardin


  4 Responses to “New TWH Conference Poster – Please Print and Pass On!”

  1. ooooh, the poster is beautiful!

    i am taking a tally of places around my area that might post them…i’ll email you soon!

  2. Hey friends. I will work on downloading the posters and will be glad to put them where I can. There are alot of flyers here and things get lost alot so I wont ask for brochures unless I see they wont get lost. But am happy to do the posters for now. By the way it turned out beautiful you guys!

  3. Kiva,
    Please feel free to send me about 20 or so when you send my other package my way. Or more. I’m sure some will get taken down between now and then, and I could just be monthly putting them back up places, and Gaia knows there’s not a lack of health food stores and bookstores here I could put them up in. 🙂

  4. The poster is gorgeous. Wow, I can think of tons of places to put the brochures — REI, Whole Foods, some herb shops … Would it be any trouble to send me two 11 x 17s to put up (for the long term — I’m pretty sure I can get okays for that!), and 20 brochures?
    I participate with a nature awareness community here … I’m sure several of those folk will be quite interested … I’ll also download the small poster PDF and print some of those …. It’s exciting to think of all the places to which I could spread your ‘good news’ around :-).

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