Nov 222015


A Sneak-Peek at the Largest-Ever Plant Healer Magazine Issue

360 pages of information, inspiration, & a fond look back…

Plant Healer’s quarterly issues are released the first Monday of every month, with your Winter issue being available for download Dec. 7th.  If you aren’t a subscribing member yet, you can be sure of receiving this special Anniversary Edition by going to:

Plant Healer Magazine's 5th Anniversary poster

PHM Sneak Peek Winter2015-72dpi


Advertising in Plant Healer Publications

Advertising space in Plant Healer Magazine and Herbaria Monthly is provided mainly as a service and prices are kept down for the sake of low-income herbalists and businesses that are just starting… costing between 1/2 and 1/10th of what other publications with similar subscriber numbers charge.  For info on reaching tens of thousands of herb lovers through our publications, please download this pdf with its required Insertion Form:

PH Advertising Info


Submit Your Ideas For Articles

Your experience and perspective are unique, and we want to encourage you to trust you have insights and information that would be of interest and use to others in our community.

We happily consider original, previously unpublished articles for this magazine, and submissions of articles (previously published or not) for Plant Healer’s free Herbaria Monthly  Please download the:

Submission Guidelines

The deadline for the Spring Issue of Plant Healer Magazine is Jan. 1st.  There are no deadlines for submitting to Herbaria Monthly.


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