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A Celebratory 265 Pages In Length!!
Winter – Volume II – Issue I
Available For Download Dec. 5th

“Enlivening the practice, culture and art of folk herbalism”

•Table of Contents Sneak Peak
•New Susun Weed Column & More
•Lengthy Interviews With the Awesome Phyllis Light & Fascinating Susun Weed
•New Bonuses to Download Including Audio Classes
•$115 Plant Healer Discount on TWH Conference Registration Until Dec19th !!

Cover Art by Lauren Raine

Early Winter greetings to our growing number of readers and friends, and welcome to the pages of what we strive to make the most diverse and in-depth, experience based and practical, folksy and wild, exciting and challenging, inciting and insightful publication for herbalists of every level, intended to help foment a revolution in how you perceive wholistic and herbal healing, your self, and your gifts to this world in need.

Mammoth Anniversary Issue!

This time – and for this one time only – we’ve created for you a special full color Anniversary Issue that is over 265 8×11” pages in length, a friggin’ book unto itself… in celebration of our second year of publication, and the fast growing community of truly remarkable subscribers.   Enjoy reading it.  Then climb a tree, either plant or play in a garden, sing or dance, feast and savor.

Reasons Why A 265 Page Magazine Is Sheer Madness
And Won’t Be Repeated

(though it seems we had to do it just this once!)

Factors that have led to Plant Healer getting longer with every issue, include the increased amount of inspiring material submitted and the greater length that in-depth articles require, the importance of engaging art and illustrative photographs, the number of PH Columnists and our own intense drive.  The problems with such herbalicious extravagance include how hard the higher resolution files are to download, how long they take to be read, and the fact that no publishing house will print a hardcopy Annual a thousand pages in length!  Following issues will be limited to something around 200 pages, which is still 5 times bigger than the average length of most other periodicals.  It will mean we’ll have to save some of the articles we accept, for use in the future rather than running them all right away.

TWH Conference Discount for Plant Healer Subscribers
We’re offering a special advance ticket discount for subscribers, good for 2 weeks only, for the signature Plant Healer event: the Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference, $115 less than the post June 1st price.  This year, the TWHC will be held September 13th through 16th in its wonderful new location in Arizona’s Coconino Forest, a close drive from Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, and the San Francisco Peaks long held sacred by Southwest tribes.  To get this special rate, go to the TWHC article in this Winter issue for full details.

–––New Plant Healer Additions:–––

Our Newest Column: Susun Weed
We love our many open departments and the diverse and shifting authors who contribute to them.  On the other hand, regular quarterly columns offer a continuity of voice and focus… as well as reducing your editors’ stress by ensuring a known quantity of well researched and highly compelling content.  This issue we are introducing a column of never before published writings by one of the most stirring, poignant, controversial, memorable and impactful herbalists of the past 40 years.  We hope you’ll enjoy:
Wise Woman Ways: Susun Weed’s Medicine Wheel

Our Many New Features
We give you 3 full, in-depth interviews… a lengthy dialogue with Susun Weed, Wise Woman herbalist, and very personal and forthright exchange with Phyllis Light, Southern Appalachian herbalist.  All of our columnists and feature writers have truly outdone themselves this time, some demonstrating leaps in quality with teaching-stories more personal and powerful.  And we have to recommend you not miss reading this issue’s piece by Paul Bergner, opening heart as well as mind, or the article by Rosalee de la Forêt, addressing the sense and value of wildness essential for herbalists, as for all awakening and responding people.

Our First Fiction For Herbalists: The Medicine Bear
Indulge in the first of many installments of this plant-hearted historical novel by Jesse Wolf Hardin, set primarily in wild New Mexico at the sunset of the Old West… a story about connection to the land, following one’s calling, the perseverance of love, and the healing of our deepest wounds.

Our Newest Plant Healer Department: Herbalist Fashion
Yes, you heard right.  And we aren’t exactly talking Cosmo here!  Presenting photo spreads highlighting intensely varied and personal herbalist styles, from the most useful garments to the most indicative or evocative decoration… beginning with the Winter issue feature on utility kilts for men and women, and the Anima Hunter/Gatherer Kilt.  We welcome your quality color photos for future inclusion, especially pics of plant design and healing motif tattoos, fairy pockets and utility belts, and feral fashion.

We’ve heard people say “What are they going to think of next?”

Clearly, there’s just no tellin’…

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Winter Issue Table Of Contents Sneak Peak

Cover Art:    “I Rest Within, A Seed” by Lauren Raine

Photo Art Poster: “Aspen Matrix” by Thea Summer Deer

Introduction to Vol.2 #1

Art Poster:    “The Path Home” – 1890s Greeting Card

The Healing Journey – The Power of Story: Herbalists & The Vital Healing Narrative by Jesse Wolf Hardin

Art Poster: “Storyteller”Art Poster: “Folk Herbalism Defined” – Phyllis Light quote

Art Poster: “Your Life Is Your Story” – Hopi “Storyteller” sculpture

Art Poster:    “Cossack Herbalist Storyteller” – Spoof

The Herbal Rebel: Vitalist Teaching & Radical Thinking – Listening Instead of Talking, Loving Instead of Taking by Paul Bergner

Art Poster: “Harvest” by Kristine Brown

Seeing Folks – Tips, Hints & Wise Words For Beginning Herbalists by Henriette Kress

Seeing Folks – Herbs & Sense of Self by Sean Donahue

Seeing Folks -Parasites & Other Infestations by Phyllis Light

Lunar Return: Life After Hormonal Birth Control – Part IV by Katja Swift

Diagnosis On The Mean Streets by Charles “Doc” Garcia

Art Poster: “The Herbalist” Corn-Husk Doll

EarthWise: Energetics of The Cardiovascular System – Part IV by Matthew Wood

The Allies – Aralia by Christa Sinadinos

The Allies – Basil by Rebecca Altman

The Allies – Artemesia by Robin Rose Bennett

The Allies – Partridgeberry by Juliet Blankespoor

Botany Illuminated – Asteraceae by 7Song

Art Poster: Improbable Covers Series: Plant Sleeper

Foundational Herbcraft – Fluid Dynamics by Jim McDonald

Diversity in Western Herbalism by Rebecca Altman

Avicenna: Rosa Quid Est by Virginia Adi

AltKilt’s Anima Hunter/Gatherer Kilt by Jesse Wolf Hardin

Weaving The Herbal Web: Grassroots Web Marketing For Herbalists – If You Build It, They Will Come by John Gallagher

Birth Roots – Miscarriage: Supporting Women Botanically by Aviva Romm

Art Poster: Cassandra, Herbal Faery

Herbal Sprouts: Kids As Herbalists – Evergreen, Ever-Giving by Kristine Brown

Herbal Vinegars by Amber Swift

Herbal Steams by Rhiannon Hardin

Herbs For The Sick: To Whom & When by Jane Valencia

Paloma & Wings by Jane Valencia

Into The Forest – Revitalizing Our Wild Gardens by Rosalee de la Forêt

Art Poster: “Where one ends and the other begins…”

Into The Forest – Suburban Zip Code, Wild Heart by Wendy Petty

Into The Forest – Foraging is Medicine by Traci Picard

Into The Forest – 10 Tips For Responsible Foraging by Traci Picard

The Forager: Virginia Creeper by Sam Thayer

From The Hearth: Traditional Foodways – Adventures With Buckwheat by Loba

Art Poster: “Love’s Messenger” – 1890s Greeting Card

Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference 2012

Welcome & Introduction to Susun Weed

Wise Woman Ways: Susun Weed’s Medicine Wheel – Casting The Circle by Susun Weed

Plant Healer Interview: Susun Weed (herbalist)

Plant Healer Interview: Phyllis Light (herbalist)

Plant Healer Interview: Rima Staines (artist)

Art Poster: “Chestnut” by Rima Staines

Art Poster: “Dark Mountain” by Rima Staines

The Gathering Basket

ReEnchantment: The Art of Rima Staines

How To Teach Kid’s To Use Herbs – Part 1 by Kristine Brown

Gaia’s Cold Shoulder: The Betrayal & Loyalty of Winter by Ananda Wilson

The Medicine Bear: A Novel of Plant Medicine & Undying Love – Part I by Jesse Wolf Hardin

Art Poster:  Omen, N.M. Herbalist 1916 by Jesse Wolf Hardin

The Medicine Trail: Wild Rambles, Tales & Wanderings by Kiva Rose Hardin

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