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A Sneak-Peek at the Nearly 300 pages-long
of Plant Healer Magazine

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Plant Healer Magazine Fall 2015

Along with our usual plant profiles and clinical skills, you’ll find this time a number of articles telling the fascinating history of herbs and herbalism, by Todd Caldecott, Thomas Easley, Lisa Ferguson and myself. Dave Meesters returns with a piece on radical vitalism coauthored with his partner Janet Kent, and we are running excerpts from our new “Wild Medicine, Wild Cuisine” book by Rosalee de la Foret, Elka, and Kiva Rose. For this issue’s interview, we bring you a compelling conversation with Boston based herbalist teacher and valued Plant Healer Magazine contributor Katja Swift.

For the first time we present the important new PHM column about competently treating animals with herbs:
“Animal Medicine – Herbal Healing for The More Than Human World”
by the caring, knowledgable, and experienced Cat Lane. It is time to give more attention to properly tending these amazing beings who hurt like we do, and who bring such great joy to their human companions. Please join me in giving a big welcome to Cat!

Sylvia Linsteadt provides our younger readers with a conclusion to her Herbalist Rabbit series, and we encourage you to suggest writers who might be able to create fun and educational herbal articles for our kid’s section in the future.

In keeping with Plant Healer’s “herbalism at the edge” approach, we have been increasingly hosting conference classes and featuring articles on the topic of medicinal Cannabis. As Kiva points out, it has too often either been denigrated and vilified or else trumpeted as a cure-all by true believers. The truth is that Cannabis has many positive medicinal effects whether smoked, vaporized, or used topically, and that there are also health concerns for at least some of those who constantly imbibe. Integral Plant Healer columnist Paul Bergner writes that:

“The battle-cry for legalization for many decades now has been “It’s safer than alcohol.” This is undoubtedly true, and it is also safer than Valium for insomnia, than opiates or NSAID for pain, and is effective for some people when pharmaceutical alternatives are not. But these are arguments for decriminalization, not arguments to fully inform patients and providers to the risks of daily heavy Cannabis use relative to its benefits. Practitioners working with patients who are heavy Cannabis users should be educated about the likely presentation of side effects and symptoms of withdrawal and dependence.”

In this same issue, practitioner and proponent Ramona Rubin writes about safe internal and topical uses of medicinal Cannabis, explaining that:

“My goal involves returning Cannabis to a well-informed place in the herbal pharmacopoeia. I see an emerging need for herbalists as educators and partners in the medical Cannabis field. As greater numbers of people learn about Cannabis for healing, and more research comes out about the positive effects for various conditions, people have questions, and herbalists are natural choices for knowledgeable plant healing advice. I hope this can be a starting place for a new generation of herbalists that can begin to sort through the emerging health research and strain development to assist patients find the optimal safe medicine at an optimal dose.”

As always, you can look forward to impressive pieces written by Plant Healer stalwarts Matthew Wood, Phyllis Light, Dara Saville, Sam Coffman, 7Song, Sabrina Lutes, and Julia Blankespoor. Returning herbalist author Wendy Hounsel offers some incredibly clear and useful information about some of the most common and important lab tests and values from the “2015 TWHC Class Essays” Ebook releasing in October, and awesome new columnist Guido Masé talks about integrating herbs into hospital settings while describing his latest fascinating trip to help the people of Tanzania, Africa. Methinks you’ll enjoy!


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