Dec 022007

Rebecca mentioned on her most recent blogpost how Winter is the time to switch from leafy greens to roots and seeds, and I couldn’t agree more! There’s so profoundly nourishing and magical about cold season root brews. I have this amazing Chinese round clay pot that was a gift from a dear herbal friend, that is just fabulous for bubbling up long decocted Ginger or a bittersweet tea of Burdock and Licorice, or even a bitter but energizing mug of Dandelion.

A less warm but very useful bit of root magic we recently made was a Ginger Soda for Rhiannon’s poor belly. Out of the blue, with no warning symptoms, she was vomiting, dry heaving and just generally miserable with hot, tense stomach bug type symptoms. She was too sick to even take any medicine without bringing it right back up for a while, but as soon as she was able to take small sips, this is what we put together.

8 oz carbonated water
3-4 TB strong, honey sweetened Ginger tea
1 Squirt Elderberry Elixir
4 drops Peach twig or leaf tincture

Let the room temperature carbonated water go about halfway flat, then add the warm to room temperature Ginger tea to taste. At the last, stir in the tinctures. Serve in small cups to be sipped slowly. While I doubt carbonated water is really all that great for an upset belly, it helps one to take small drinks and children love it more than most teas. Make sure that the drink is NOT cold, as this would be most counterproductive for a sick belly. This little bit of root magic worked wonders for Rhiannon’s belly and proved a tasty, child compliant way to rehydrate and nourish her. A step up from flat Sprite, I’d say!

I’d most likely try harder to get her to drink tea if there was a fever or lung involvement where a warm beverage would be of great use, but with a simple, and somewhat heating, stomach bug, it worked just fine. Anise or Sassafrass might be a nice addition too.

  2 Responses to “Root Magic – Homemade Ginger Ale for Upset Bellies”

  1. oh my, that sounds lovely. Just what my belly needed after a nauseating bus ride.
    that sounds perfect.

  2. i love to make homemade soda. it is a treat for my kids and i feel guilt free serving it to them since it’s made with herbs and honey.

    i haven’t made any in awhile. i think it’s time to…no use waiting until we’re sick to enjoy it!

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