Dec 132007

Wow, what a crazy last few days, complete with a snowstorm that descended just as Loba and I were walking down the mountain to home. At first, the flakes were small and hard, pretty iridescent gems that scattered at our feet on the pine needle clad path. It quickly became an impenetrable  swirl of heavy white mist as the forest fell into rapid dusk. Our tiny flashlight illuminated a small slash of light across our path as we shuffled down the slippery trail. We wandered off course a few times but eventually made it to the rushing river, where we plunged barefoot into freezing water with out skirts and backpacks held high above the water.

Yesterday at dawn, I climbed back into the white, shimmering blanket, up the mountain to our little truck perched on a gravel pulloff on the side of the mountain. The road was blanketed in a thick layer of crisp snow, and it’s a steep, curvy road down to the village and I drove in slow, 4 wheel drive motion. As I crept along I peered through the frosty window at the thick, frothy river far below and the small herd of elk that meandered across the fresh fallen snow. Ten hours later I came back to the same mountain road, after struggling through countless miles of ice, fog and snow on the ridges that lead to the city. I was so happy to be home, even if it meant hauling a heavy pack through the black night and once again, leaping into a wide, brown river in order to climb icy rocks to my sweet little cabin, where smoke curled invitingly from the chimney.

I won’t bore you with city details, it was less than fun with full holiday rush and highway construction. The best parts were bringing home a lovely, flowering Rosemary bush as a Solstice present to Loba, carrying it carefully under my arm all the way down the mountain and presenting her with a most fragrant gift. It’s a dark, spicy variety and Loba is just in love with it, as Rosemary is one of her most beloved plant allies. She drinks Rosemary tea nearly daily, and takes the tincture as a digestive tonic and nervine as well as adding it to nearly everything she eats! I think I’m due to write a post on Rosemary very soon!

Tomorrow, at last, I get to stay home for a little while and I’ll be sure to write a real, informative herbal post for ya’ll while I’m in the Canyon and then bring it to town to post the next day most likely. For now, the cafe is closing and I’m due to get home before it gets dark.

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  1. I’m new to your blog and have put you on my blogroll. I think I could learn a lot from you. You sound like such a wise woman.

  2. ah, Kiva, you make me so homesick for NM….the mountains, the high desert…all of it. -linda (lindasu from the weedforum)

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