Dec 182011

Now Seeking
Outreach, Advertising & Media Helpers


for Plant Healer Magazine
& Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference


Custom Bear painting by Andrea Gutierrez of & medicines from Susan Hess of Coventry Farm

We’ve been very blessed to have the assistance of our existing volunteers, but there is so much to even this one aspect of our work, that they’ve requested we seek additional helpers.  Benefits include a commission on all moneys that you generate, being considered first for any future paid or other Staff positions as we develop them, and whatever satisfaction you’d get from being an important and integral part of the efforts that keep TWHC, Plant Healer, and our message of empowered folk herbalism alive and spreading!




Marketing, Promotion and Media expertise would be great, but certainly not essential.  Far more important is:

  • a) an ability to efficiently search out the kinds of enterprises best to approach
  • b) being adept at shooting out template emails quickly
  • c) a willingness and ability to cheerily make follow up phone calls, until reaching someone who can make decisions and give a definitive answer
  • d) familiarity with and enthusiasm for herbalism and the projects you’ll be representing
  • e) an ability to follow through on any commitment, so that it doesn’t fall on others late in the game
  • f) having regular access to a phone (ideally with unlimited calling privileges) and internet

Conference and Magazine Outreach involves researching, emailing and follow-up calls to herbal related ventures of all kinds.  In every case you would be inviting them to participate and benefit in any of 3 ways:

Sponsoring,Vending or Practicing at the conference, and Advertising in Plant Healer Magazine

Media Outreach & Liaison involves researching, emailing and sometimes calling Magazine and Newspaper editors, Radio interview programs and so forth, offering our articles, asking them to write articles about us or interview us… to help spread word of this event and community.

Materials Provided include action plans and outlines, templates and applications to make things easiest.

If you’d be excited to do a share of this work, and believe you have the ability, some time and focus, please write us for an application at:


Thank you, and thank you for posting, forwarding and facebooking this message.

-Kiva Rose and Jesse Wolf Hardin

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