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Plant Healer Summer 2012 Issue


Here’s Your Sneak Peek at The
Summer Issue of
The Magazine Different
Available for Download June 4th

Excitement abounds!  We are just this week completing production of the 7th edition of Plant Healer Magazine, the nearly 300 page long Summer issue available for download on the 4th of June.

As always, Plant Healer will bring to you a broad range of articles, photography and art covering every aspect of herbal practice and the diverse culture of folk herbalism, this time including:
•A half dozen plant profiles, case study, therapeutics and herbal actions by our awesome Plant Healer writers
•A new “Herbalism on the American Frontier” Department, beginning with an introduction to Traveling Medicine Show sellers by Sean Donahue
•Essential Plant identification with 7Song… plus a lengthy interview with Bevin Clare, revealing the thoughts and spirit of this tree-hugging vice president of the AHG as never before!
•An excellent introduction to Bioregional Herbalism by Lisa Ferguson, and important piece on plant conservation by United Plant Savers director Susan Leopold
•Herbs of the curandera, Susun Weed on Sweet and Bland, Greek Herbal Medicine by Matt Wood, and Phyllis Light’s Four Elements system
•23 full page art posters, herbalist humor, and Kristine Brown and Jane Valencia’s articles for kids
•A full color photo spread of herbalist tattoo art, Aviva Romm on the use of cannabis in pregnancy, and the Virgin of Guadalupe as a powerful historic icon for rebels and misfits as well as for all herbalists and healers!

Now we ‘spect you know where the “different” comes from, in our motto “The Magazine Different”

To whet your appetites, a complete table of contents follows.  To subscribe in time for the Summer issue, please go to the:
Plant Healer Magazine Website


Time Keepers by Thea Summer Deer


Vol.II #III – Summer 2012 Issue Contents:

Cover Art: The Summer Garden (photoshop composite)
Art Poster: The Door To Our Purpose by JWH
Art Poster: Folk Herbalism Defined – “Airmid” by Joanna Powell Colbert
Art Poster: Earth Provides The Medicine – “Traditional Healer” by David Gluckstein & JWH
The Healing Journey: What Herbalists Really Want by Jesse Wolf Hardin

Magnolia Mexicana

Poster: Herbal Rebel Family – Paul Bergner and Tania with their New Baby
Happy & Full of Happiness!: A Review of The 2011 TWHC by Katja Swift
Art Poster: “Time Keepers” by Thea Summer Deer
Mountain Medicine: Four Elements by Phyllis Light

Conception by Thea Summer Deer

Art Poster: Czech Flower Girl – 1906 Postcard
Wise Woman Ways: Sweet & Bland: Part II by Susun Weed
Poster: Traditional Herbalist Wisdom Part I – If They Can’t Take a Yoik by JWH
Differentiating Herbal Actions & Properties by Jim McDonald
Art Poster: “The Green Man II” by JWH

Gaia by Holly Sierra

Detecting False Heat by Rosalee de la Forêt
Herbalist Humor Poster: “Feelin’ Awful Pitta” by JWH
Case Study: Herbal Therapeutics for Post-Surgery ACL Recovery by Kiva Rose Hardin
Art Poster: Unfolding Spiral by JWH
Walking The Spiral by Jesse Wolf Hardin
Art Poster: Growth Is A Spiral Process by JWH

Mullein Harvest by Sandra Crowell

Mullein by Robin Rose Bennett
Burdock by Henriette Kress
Ocotillo by Darcey Blue French

Ocotillo photo by Darcey Blue

Coffee by Charles “Doc” Garcia
Art Poster: Mullein Harvesting Woman by Sandra Crowell
Learning To Identify Plants – Part I by 7Song
Art Poster: 1880s Peruna Herbal Tonic Advertisement
Medicine Oils and Salves by Christa Sinadinos
Traveling Medicine Shows of Rural America and Early Regulation of Medicine by Sean Donahue
Basic Principles of Greek Herbal Medicine: The Four Qualities & The Four Degrees by Matthew Wood

La Virgen de Guadalupe by Kiva Rose Hardin
Los Remidios de la Guadalupe by Kiva Rose
La Curandera de Auza by Dr. Javier Alvare Caperochipi
Art Poster: “La Nuestra de la Yerbas” by JWH
Art Poster:    “Doña Rosa” by JWH
Art Poster: “Curandera” by Ochichi

Tattoo Bloom: Skin Art for Herbalists by Jesse Wolf Hardin
Art Poster: “Conception” by Thea Summer Deer
Cannabis in Pregnancy by Aviva Romm
Art Humor Poster: Unhelpful Herbalist Language #1 by JWH
Refreshing Mint (for kids) by Kristine Brown
Hawthorn’s Generous & Protective Heart (for kids) by Jane Valencia
Paloma & Wings (for kids) by Jane Valencia
Wildcrafting Cattails by Wendy Petty

Bitternut Fruit

Edible Bitternut by Samuel Thayer
Art Poster: “Gaia” by Holly Sierra
Piles of Greens (food recipes) by Loba
Art Poster: Cultivating A Culture of Healing by JWH
Growing Adaptogens: Gotu Kola and Jiaogulan by Juliet Blankespoor
Art Poster: The Green Scare by Anon
Sacred Groves: Activism & The Conservation of Plants by Susan Leopold
Herbal Humor Poster: 12 Steppe Program by JWH
Plant Healer Interview: Bevin Clare
Bioregional Herbalism: Ecological Relationship & Place-Based Practice by Lisa Ferguson
Healing Animals Heals Us & The Earth by Cat Lane

Photo copyright Henriette Kress

Self Care, Part II: Decadence by Katja Swift
Magical Realism: Medicine Bear Review #1 by Charles “Doc” Garcia
A Jewell of a Story: Medicine Bear Review #II by Virginia Adi
The Medicine Bear (fiction for herbalists) Part III by Jesse Wolf Hardin
Art Poster: Ringtail Woman by Rebekah Klitzke
The Medicine Trail: Wild Rambles, Tales & Wanderings by Kiva Rose Hardin
Art Poster: “Keeping An Eye On Folk Herbalism” – 1915 Postcard

The deadline for article submissions for the Fall issue is July 1st.  And August 1st is the deadline to advertise in either the Fall issue or the upcoming 2012 Plant Healer Annual book.  Write for more information.

Thank you for RePosting and Forwarding this Announcement.

Love, Kiva ‘Ringtail” Rose


Kiva Ringtail Rose by Jesse Wolf Hardin

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