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It’s time for our quarterly Sneak Peek at the upcoming Plant Healer Magazine.  Our Spring issue is yet again over 280 pages long, with another diverse selection of never before published articles covering the information, skills and issues of importance to herbalists.  After a Winter of energies stored in the roots, we can feel the new shoots ready to burst out from us, new ideas to act on, new projects to create.  Most of us have homes or families to tend, but we also need to tend our vision, our healing purpose, our endless learning and continuous growth.

To help feed that growth and purpose, we bring you here another deep well of inspiration, information and experience, written by our fellow practitioners and esteemed teachers.  Several of these will also be teaching wonderfully unique classes for us next September, including Jim McDonald, Juliet Blankespoor, Sam Coffman, Dara Saville, and 7Song, at our annual event for the folk herbal tribe: Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference

Thanks go to Susun Weed, who had to type her latest Plant Healer column one-handed after hurting her other hand on a teaching trip to Central America.  The engaging Larken Bunce is our interview subject this time, sharing the example of her plant-focused life, and offering important insights for fellow practitioners.  Juliet Blankespoor provides another advance excerpt from her amazing upcoming book on herbal cultivation, due out by this Fall.  And kudos to the accomplished artist Michael Ford for our latest Plant Healer Magazine cover, a wonderful tribute to Juliette Levy done in the style of early Illuminated Manuscripts.

Hurray for our latest Plant Healer writers!  We’re very excited to welcome the brilliant herbalist Guido Masé as our new columnist, launching his series with a considered and experienced look at FDA regulation and healthy community adaptation and response.  In future columns he will be covering all manner of topics from clinical to political, but always soulful and helpful.  We’re also happy to publish the first contribution by the talented and ecocentric Jared Rosenbaum, whose new book for young kids we also include a few sample pages of.  Jared’s sister Laura did the touching artwork for it.

Paul Bergner gifts us not only with another Herbal Rebel column (cautions regarding adaptogens), but also a synopsis of recent herbal history leading up to the current herbal resurgence you are all an important component of – a Foreword to our next Plant Healer book: A Treasury of Herbal Wisdom.  Releasing on March 1st, the book will feature many of the most intriguing, information-packed, and popular articles from Plant Healer Magazine from 2010 to 2014.

Below you’ll find a list of the Spring issue’s articles, to whet your appetite a mite ahead of time.  Subscribers can download your PDF issue on Monday, the 1st of March.  If you aren’t already subscribed, you can do so at:


“Herbal medicine has the power, when applied the way it has always been applied – traditionally, relationally, locally, with heart and mindfulness – to heal and transform every system it touches. We have all seen this many times, be it between friends and clients, in doctor-patient relationships, or even on abandoned city lots. We see increased emphasis on herbal and nutritional medicine, along with other disciplines such as acupuncture and massage, being offered alongside modern technological treatment.”  –Guido Masé

Plant Healer Magazine Spring 2015

Plant Healer Magazine Spring 2015 Table of Contents:

Michael Ford: Cover Art: Portrait of Juliette Levy

Jesse Wolf Hardin: We Are The Seeds

Paul Bergner: Introduces The Treasury of Herbal Wisdom

Jim McDonald: Free-Thinking & Energetics

Paul Bergner: Caution With Adaptogens

Guido Masé: Navigating The Herbal Products Industry

Phyllis Light: How the Pine Tree Stole My Heart

Susun Weed: Turning The Spiral, Home to Our Roots

Juliet Blankespoor: Hibiscus

Virginia Adi: More Than Turmeric: Curcuma Zedoaria

Jesse Wolf Hardin: The Healer Part II: Shamans, Nourishers, & Culture-Shifters

7Song: The Herbalist Botanist

Katja Swift: The Herbs of Iceland

Sam Coffman: Lantana

Rebecca Altman: Desert Willow

Jared Rosenbaum: Spikenard: Lifeways of a Lesser Known Forest Herb

Sam Coffman: Vaccinations, Measles & Herbs

Dara Saville: Connecting With Our Heritage Through Herbs – Early American Herbalism

Jim McDonald: Primary Actions: Diaphoretics

Matthew Wood: The Liver Part V

Sylvia Linsteadt: For Children: The Rabbit Herbalist Part III

Jared & Laura Rosenbaum: For Children: The Puddle Garden: Planting a Native Garden

Cat Lane: Working With Animals: The Elderly Canine

Charles “Doc” Garcia: Foraging: Fishing & The One That Got Away: 

Wendy “Butter” Petty: Foraging: Spring Mustards: Chorispora Tenella & Lipidium Draba

Juliet Blankespoor: Cultivation: Step by Step Guide To Creating a Garden Bed 

Elka: Foodways: Preserving & Cooking With Lemons

Charles “Doc” Garcia: The Noble History of The Humble Cough Drop

Mike Adams: FDA Enforcement

Plant Healer Interview: Larken Bunce

Jesse Wolf Hardin: Fiction for Herbalists: The Medicine Bear Part XIV

Kiva Rose Hardin: In Praise of New Mexico, Rural Herbalism, & The Wild, Wild West

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