Dec 242007

Note to self: If you have adrenal burnout, you really should not drink coffee, even decaf.

Sheesh, you’d think I’d know, wouldn’t you? But I was doing so much better that I got sloppy and started having decaf lattes now and then, and then a few times a week…. and suddenly my adrenals are acting all funny. I’m getting anxiety attacks, gaining weight (even though I’m eating less and very well) that I strangely can’t lose, injuries healing more slowly than usual, increased difficulty sleeping, headaches etc. All the standard signs that I’m throwing my body out of balance. This is usually accompanied by worsened hypoglycemia and blood pressure swings, but my steady intake of Chromium has pretty much eradicated those problems (more on Chromium and insulin resistance in another post soon).

And I DO know because I can feel the stimulation of the coffee, even without the caffeine and I can clearly feel my belly and body protesting against it. Some lessons are hard to learn, and my love of caffeine and stimulation in all its forms is a lifelong learning experience.

So here we are again, sipping Nettle infusion (with Nettle tincture added), chowing on Nettle seeds and eating copious amounts of Nettle soup. Nettles have been a huge adrenal ally in my healing journey, and continue to offer me profound healing and support. I love them so much I want to hug them, but then that would really hurt wouldn’t it?

In other news, it snowed Solstice day and we had the loveliest feast of Cranberry sauce, wild Salmon and Nettles, which you can read about in Loba’s post on the Anima blog.

And I learned this ovulation (yesterday, on the full moon) that NOTHING in the world works better for my killer cramps than Evening Primrose, Valerian and Blisswort. Most especially the Blisswort. Good thing there’s a whole mountain covered in it across the river. 😉

Happy Solstice, or Merry Christmas or whatever other Winter holiday you celebrate. Eat good food and stay cozy!

  4 Responses to “Stimulants, Adrenals & a Quick Update”

  1. I don’t think that the caffeine in coffee is the most adrenal-draining component. Personally, I feel plenty of adrenal effects from decaffeinated coffee. It’s such an amazingly complex plant…

  2. Can you please tell me more about Blisswort? Can’t say I’ve heard of it, but then again, I am from Northern Minnesota.

  3. Ok, I just stumbled on the post about Blisswort…nevermind.

  4. Make yourself some ginger infused castor oil. Fantastical stuff. That and a heating pad really helped me this month!

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