Feb 082008

Now see, this is what I’ve been raving about in all my flood posts! Wolf clearly has a better attitude about it than I do though LOL.

Tomorrow I have go check on the Wild Licorice, I’m more than a little afraid the whole clan has been demolished, as they only live in one place in the canyon. I’m afraid most of the Wild Hops could be gone too ~sniff~. The good news is that every flood brings us new species as well as doing a number on some of the ones already here. There’s also many feet more soil all throughout the canyon, further enrichening our ecosystem and potentially adding to the biological diversity here. Nearly every year the river brings us more dirt, a great boon in a place that was once stripped to nothing but sand and tumbleweeds.

And as soon as the ground thaws, I’m ordering more plants from Las Pilitas. Many more Raspberry plants, maybe some Wild Licorice, certainly lots of Saskatoons, Elderberries, Wild Strawberries, and maybe even some native orchids and lilies, yay! It’s kind of like planning a garden, but so much better (and less predictable).

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