About Us

Bear Medicine Herbals is a website that is been started for one purpose: as a detailed blog and guide about recipes and information around natural herbal remedies.

I’ve been a herbalist for 25 years, and I found it has had many benefits of my life personally, and my family and friends around me. So I’m keen to share it with you on this site to widen the benefits of my experience as far as I can.

Herbalism is not black and white. Some things will work for one person, while others will not. It’s about finding the best remedy, or the best combination of natural herbal remedies to alleviate the problems that somebody faces.

So it’s one of the reasons why herbalism is seen as a grey area compared to modern medicine, and why some people trust it, while others say it doesn’t work. Perhaps they just never found the right natural cure.

Now I’m not saying herbalism can replace modern medicine, that’s archaic, but I can say that it can complement modern medicine because it doesn’t interfere with it.

I’m going to cover many things in this blog, around medicinal plants, herbs, combinations, and the traits a good herbalist needs to succeed.

We will talk about all aspects of herbalism, and also safety and being realistic about what it can achieve.

Plus, I’ll also talk about other herbs which are not quite seen as traditional in herbalism, but can have many benefits.

So I will be talking about things like kratom, mucuna pruriens, salvia divinorum, and other naturally occurring plants that can have strong effects on the mind and body as well.

Some people say that that is psychotropic medicine rather than herbal, but everything I talk about has the ability to calm, remove anxiety, free the mind, and also to have anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties as well.

Herbalism is frowned upon by modern medicine, but it’s formed the basis of medicine for most of the time that humans have been walking upright. It’s only been in the past hundred years or so that modern medicine has developed. So it seems strange to me that all the experience has suddenly been lost or seen as irrelevant.

So my feeling is that there is a place for herbal medicine in the modern world. Although I would never advocate it as an alternative choice to modern medicine, as some herbalists do, I do think that it can complement modern medicines, and can deal with minor complaints without resorting to more expensive modern medicines that could have side effects.

As one example, look at the proliferation of opiate medications to deal with pain and depression in the USA. It’s caused a huge problem with addiction.

Yet, there are many herbal remedies out there which can also lift mood without such damaging addiction and side effects. It’s the same with pain relief; there are a myriad of herbs out there which are highly regarded in terms of anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties.

So when you read this site, I want you to set your mind free. It’s cheap to buy these herbs, so experiment with a few. See how they help you, and if they can be added together to create a herbalist toolbox which can help those around you.