Top 2 Best Kratom Brands Revealed & Tips On Where To Buy Kratom Online

If you’re looking to successfully experiment with kratom then buying really high-quality kratom is essential. The best kratom brands will sell you kratom that is rich in alkaloids and fantastic to experiment with. But spotting the quality brands is tough in a sea of unscrupulous kratom vendors.

What we’re going to do in this quick guide on where to buy kratom online, is talk you through the top pair of best kratom vendors out there through comprehensively detailed kratom vendor reviews.

But better than that, you’re going to learn everything you need to know to spot the traits of great kratom on your own. How great kratom is produced, how it imported and packaged, why it’s sold as it is, and how to spot poor quality kratom.

All that, plus you’ll learn where to buy kratom locally, and where not to buy it. Put together, this quick guide to buying brilliant kratom will help to save you from being scammed and give you the best kratom to experiment with.

What Makes Great Quality Kratom?

A lot of people think that kratom is just kratom. It’s a powder that’s pretty standard, the different vein colors and strains have slightly different effects, and it’s basically just a case of buying and experimenting with it.

But that’s not true at all. There’s a huge variation in the quality and effects of the kratom you can buy, and a lot of that is defined by the condition it reaches your front door in.

Great quality kratom has to have the following key traits:

  • Has to have been grown and harvested superbly
  • The drying process is essential to locking in rich alkaloid content
  • The drying processes is what creates the strong traits of the vein colors and different strains
  • It has to be expertly exported and imported
  • It should not be passed through generic wholesalers to get to the retailer
  • The kratom will be bitter and earthy
  • You will get a fantastic low grade full-spectrum experience at around 5 g
  • The kratom sold to you will have been tested for alkaloid content

I’m telling you, there are not a lot of kratom vendors in the USA who actually do all that. In fact, the total list of best kratom brands I’ve ever found who guarantee that supply chain from tree to you, who guarantee and test alkaloid content, and value for money, numbers just five. In this guide to the best kratom vendors, I’m going to tell you about the top three.

How Is Kratom Really Made?

So you can understand exactly how the kratom gets you, let’s look at how it’s actually made, because a lot of people don’t really understand that. Unless you understand kratom 101, then you’ll have no idea if what you’re getting is great quality.

Kratom comes from the leaves of the kratom tree, member of the coffee family. Those leaves are harvested and dried out. They are literally laid out sometimes for weeks to dry out completely.

Where they left to dry out is important, and it’s the drying process that really creates the differences between the vein colors and the different strains. Some types are left outside in sunlight, sometimes they are dried out in the dark, and other times kratom is dried out under UV light.

It’s then ground into a powder and sold to the wholesale exporter. Kratom extracts and ultra-enhanced kratom goes through a slightly different process where it’s made into a resin and then dried out and ground into a powder to create an even stronger kratom.

That kratom is then sold wholesale. The scrupulous sellers, the best kratom brands out there, buy direct from these wholesalers in the countries of origin who get it directly from the people who make the kratom.

The poor kratom vendors out there just buy the kratom from importers in the USA. They don’t really know where it’s come from, they don’t know the condition it’s in, there’s no relationship, no link to the source. To be honest, they don’t really care, they just want to sell any old crap they can for the most money.

Watch Out For Dirty Tricks The Best Kratom Vendors Would Not Do

You have to be aware of dirty tricks that some of the more unscrupulous kratom vendors will do. It’s not even just the vendors, it could be the wholesalers if the vendor is buying from a poor quality wholesalers here in the USA, or a not trusted one abroad.

These are the dirty tricks you have to watch out for:

  1. The kratom is cut with other ground herbs to make the powder go further. You get a weaker kratom, while they make the same profit margin.
  • The kratom is mixed together and then labelled up as the different types. So although it might be sold as White Borneo, it’s actually not, it’s just mixed up to create a blend.
  • Maeng Da kratom is not a true stronger blend of kratom strains. They literally just label anything up as Maeng Da, even if it doesn’t have a higher alkaloid content, and then sell it for a higher price.

Where To Buy Kratom Locally And Where Not To Buy

A lot of people want to take shortcuts, and search for where to buy kratom locally.

I’m telling you, it’s very rare to find kratom near you that is any good at all. That’s my experience over several years of curiously buying it in smoke shops, garages, local independent retailers, places like that.

Most of the kratom you can buy locally is generic. It’s packed up in bright packaging, to appeal more strongly, but it’s not good quality.

Not only is it probably just blended and poor quality, but it’s cut to make it go further in many instances. On top of that, it’s also stored badly, and mostly the alkaloids have been diluted or destroyed.

My advice is definitely to find the best kratom vendors online, don’t buy locally at all.

The Traits To Look Out For To Spot The Best Kratom Brands

So let’s say that you’re on your phone looking for where to buy kratom online. You’re looking at various kratom sellers, and you’re wondering how to spot if they are good quality.

Here’s a checklist you can use to spot the best kratom brands:

  • You’re looking for genuine user reviews that show great quality
  • User reviews should be everywhere and not obviously paid for fakes
  • The website will be transparent about the supply chain
  • The kratom vendor website will be high-quality
  • There will be plenty of information on the kratom website that original
  • Expertise we demonstrated across website information
  • The shopping cart will be a proper one, not just a PayPal cart
  • Prices will not be cheap – quality costs
  • There will be a moneyback guarantee
  • Vitally, you will see independent lab tests on alkaloid content on the website

On top of all that, as I said before, you’re looking at 5 g of kratom as the benchmark. At 5 g you should be feeling all the effects on the kratom spectrum mildly. So for white kratom, say have taken some White Bali, you should feel a surge of energy, enthusiasm, positivity, and cognitive improvements. If you don’t feel all those things at 5 g, the kratom is either cut with other herbs or low in alkaloid content.

Where To Buy Kratom Online: Top Three Kratom Vendors Reviews

I really hope that quick guide on where to buy kratom online, and the traits to look out for, has been helpful to you.

I now want to give you 3 kratom vendors reviews of the best places I’ve found buy kratom online in the three years I’ve been using kratom myself.

All of them are really accessible, and offer rapid delivery in the USA. If you’re really new to kratom, go for kratom capsules if possible. You’ll be paying double the price, but you won’t have to weigh the powder, you won’t have to deal with the taste, and it’s really the best way to get started. But don’t let that completely govern your decision, because kratom powder is far cheaper and once you get used to it you will be fine.

the evergreen tree best kratom vendor

1. The Evergreen Tree

First on my list of the best kratom brands in the USA are The Evergreen Tree. I’ve only used these guys a couple of times, but what they offer is incredible. The quality is really good, and affordable, especially if you go for the lower alkaloid content.

What I love is the range. They sell 40 different types of kratom powder, including some I’ve never even heard of, like elephant kratom. I haven’t tried them all yet, but what a wonderful experience it is getting these bizarre kratom powders through the door to try.

They also sell nearly every type of kratom in capsule form as well, if you don’t want to mess around with powder. You will pay a premium, but they are slightly cheaper than Coastline Kratom capsules.

The Evergreen Tree also sell the widest range of kratom extracts I’ve ever seen as well. Kratom extracts are a very potent form of kratom. It’s standard kratom boiled down into a resin, and then additional alkaloids extracted from additional kratom is added into that. It’s then dried and ground into a very potent powder. It’s expensive, but it’s incredible.

The other thing I love about The Evergreen Tree as they actually give you a choice of what you want to pay for the experience you want.

What I mean is, they offer three different grades of kratom. The lowest has up to 1.4% alkaloid content, the middle up to 1.7%, and the highest grade up to 2% of kratom alkaloids content.

For kratom extracts, this is rocket fuel. The low grade has up to 4% alkaloid, and the highest grade up to 6%. So the lowest kratom alkaloid content they sell is 1.4%, and highest 6%. As you can see, that’s an incredible difference but it is reflected in the price you pay.

I bought a huge batch of 500 g of Red Malay from these guys six months ago. It’s brilliant for pain relief, great quality, and I’m still using it six months later. Brilliantly effective and great value for money.

So whether you want kratom powder, kratom extracts, or kratom capsules, then you can get it with a wide variety of alkaloid content. They also sell kratom in liquid form, basically little shot bottles that are pure genius on the move.

  • An incredible range of kratom powder, capsules, extracts, and ultra-enhanced
  • Unique ability to choose from different alkaloid content at different prices
  • Quality is good and the high alkaloid content is just as good as coastline kratom
  • They also sell liquid kratom shots
  • Full money back guarantee

kratora best kratom brand

2. Buykratom (Kratora)

Second on my list of the best kratom brands in the USA is BuyKratom (also known by the company name Kratora).

I’m actually surprised these guys don’t figure more strongly in people’s best kratom vendors lists, all that they don’t appear in more reviews of the best kratom vendors out there.

I think it’s because they don’t sell kratom capsules. They only sell powder, which means they’re slightly less accessible to beginners. Once you’ve got experience with kratom, they are a fantastic place to know about though, but if you’re fine with powder then brilliant for beginners as well.

BuyKratom sell kratom powder that is just as good as that from the other two vendors I’ve recommended to you here.

They sell standard kratom powder, kratom extracts, and ultra-enhanced kratom as well. You’ve got the full range of powder to choose from and the quality is genuinely exceptional. They publish independent lab reports on the alkaloid content grading, and they offer a brilliant experience. The White Borneo they offer for sale is the best I’ve ever tried.

But why they are great for beginners is the variety packs they sell. As long as you can handle the loose powder, then they offer the best choice of combo packs I’ve ever seen.

Five different types of variety pack: red, green, white, extracts, and ultra-enhanced. Each one contains up to seven ½ ounce pouches of the vein color you have purchased. Brilliant for experimenting with all the different types of kratom to find your favorite for a very low outlay.

They offer a full moneyback guarantee, free shipping on orders in the USA, and as long as you can deal with loose powder rather than capsules, they are a genuine one-stop shop for all your kratom needs that really should get better exposure.

  • The best range of kratom variety packs I’ve ever found
  • Free shipping in the USA
  • Moneyback guarantee on all orders
  • Kratom is batch tested for alkaloid content
  • Wide range of kratom available in powder, extract, and ultra-enhanced formats
  • Prices are good and alkaloid content is high