Best Kratom For Anxiety & Depression Revealed And Discussed

More and more people are using kratom for anxiety and depression. However, it’s not something you can do risk-free, and we’re going to cover everything you need to know right now. For a start, getting the best kratom for anxiety can be a big problem in terms of actually finding quality kratom.

So this is a quick guide to anxiety and depression and how to use kratom to alleviate the symptoms. But kratom for depression, and using kratom for anxiety, require different approaches and solutions, to avoid making the problems worse.

On top of discussing everything you need to know around which kratom strains, doses, and problems to watch out for, you’ll also learn about a couple of places where you can buy kratom that is guaranteed to be rich in alkaloids and great for experimenting with.


Anxiety And Depression Are Different So Require Different Solutions

Anxiety and depression are like two sides of a coin that drag your quality of life ever downwards.

But it’s important to understand that with using kratom to try and deal with these two related problems, they require slightly different solutions.

Anxiety can be made worse by things that make you jittery. People with anxiety know that caffeine can make things worse for example. They also know that trying to deaden the anxiety with alcohol can work while you are drunk, but when the alcohol leaves your body, the anxiety can become vicious.

It’s the same with depression, but from the other end of the scale. You might drink alcohol to improve your mood, but the next day or depression is worse because alcohol is a depressant, and also increases anxiety.

Plus, with depression, you don’t want something that makes you even more physically or mentally dumbed down because it can increase your lethargy and feelings of hopelessness.

The reason that some people are now starting to suggest that kratom can deal with anxiety and depression is around the fact that certain types of kratom can lift your mental and physical energy levels, while others can help to calm you down.

But it’s more than that. Some research is suggesting that an imbalance in the opioid system in the body. It suggests that people more susceptible to anxiety and depressive symptoms have less available opioid receptors in key areas of the body. Because kratom is an agonist of the opioid receptors, and modulates their responses, it can enhance the abilities of the opioid receptors that are there.


How To Find The Best Kratom For Anxiety And Depression

 It’s because of these differences between anxiety and depression, in terms of how they manifest themselves, that you need to understand that different kratom vein colors and doses could be required to help you.

Let’s look at the traits of the best kratom for anxiety first.

  • White kratom contains more of the alkaloids that are stimulant in nature, especially at low doses where the main alkaloid that can produce calmness and reduce anxiety only starts to kick in at higher doses than with green, or red kratom (the main alkaloids in kratom is Mitragynine).
  • Green kratom is a good middle ground, but some people with anxiety still find it a little energizing and stimulating, which can lead to jitteriness. However, moderate doses can produce a little calmness.
  • Red kratom contains less of the stimulant that are caffeine-like, and therefore produces more of the effects of Mitragynine at slightly lower doses. Therefore, red kratom is usually the best for calming you down, chilling you out, and reducing anxiety symptoms.

With depression, red kratom can actually exacerbate it a little. Because it calms you down, detaches you, and physically suppresses the desire to be active as well, it can emphasize the feelings of depression, and lack of ability to physically motivate yourself.

So for depression, green kratom, and especially white kratom at lower doses can be very good because it can slightly energize you, slightly focus you, and can help you to feel better, happier, more able to stand up and push yourself forward again.


How To Use Kratom For Anxiety

I think it’s important to state here that you shouldn’t get bogged down in choosing strains to deal with anxiety. The bottom line is that kratom can help with anxiety symptoms, and is being increasingly proven to do so, but you do need to choose the right vein color.

The difference between the strains of white kratom, red kratom, or green kratom are minor when compared to each other. Yes, there might be some subtle differences, but they are virtually non-existent compared to choosing the right vein color to deal with anxiety.

So in terms of dealing with anxiety, you’re looking at being calm down using the smallest dose of kratom possible. That means using red vein kratom.

It really doesn’t matter that much which red kratom you choose. As long as it’s rich in alkaloids, and guaranteed pure kratom, you will start to feel calmer, while retaining focus, at around 5 g.

So go for any classic red kratom strain, like Bali, Borneo, Thai, or Malay. They will all feel pretty much the same in terms of the anaesthetizing effect they have. You’ll feel chilled out, you will feel great.

Just make sure you don’t take high doses too frequently. That in itself can create jitteriness, come down, that can make your anxiety worse. Experiment with low doses, 3 g, then 4 g, then 5 g, but be wary above 5 g except for the purposes of experimenting and then tapering back down.

A word of warning on using Red Maeng Da to deal with anxiety here. Although it stronger kratom, the fact it’s classified as “red” doesn’t necessarily mean it genuinely 100% is red kratom.

Maeng Da is basically just stronger kratom. It could be Red Bali this been tested for alkaloid content and found to be higher than normal, so they label it up as Maeng Da instead.

But that’s not the whole story all the time. Sometimes it could be a very strong white kratom that blended with strong red kratom as well, creating an incredibly strong and energizing experience with some pain relief and sedation. So you simply don’t know what you’re going to get with Maeng Da, and for dealing with serious anxiety, I would recommend you stick to the classic reds (that advice also stands for using kratom for depression as well).


Using Kratom For Social Anxiety

Having advised you to use red kratom to deal with anxiety, as long as it’s at a moderate dose and you are careful about what happens on the other side, I want to point out that it’s slightly different when using kratom for dealing with social anxiety.

Social anxiety can be overwhelming when you are out. But you still want to function. Some people drink lots of alcohol, which can deaden the anxiety, but leads to other social problems instead.

You don’t want to replace one poison with another, and overwhelm yourself with kratom, and either be euphoric and out of it, or so dumbed down and anaesthetized you can’t function properly.


Dosing Kratom For Anxiety

So again, using kratom for social anxiety should be about lower doses. It should also not be about white kratom because that can make you more jittery because of the alkaloid profile.

We are talking about moderate doses of red kratom, or even green kratom. Green Malay kratom for example is well-known the fact that it can retain energy and focus at lower doses, but as the dose increases it becomes increasingly anaesthetizing, euphoric, and detaching. But don’t take that as the gospel, any green kratom usually sits in that middle ground between white and red.

Green kratom is probably a good starting point for dealing with social anxiety. It gives you a good balance at a moderate dose of around 5 g, between retaining the ability to be social, but also removing the anxiety that can restrict that.

You also might want to consider using kratom capsules to deal with social anxiety. That’s because you might want to top up in the evening, and you don’t want to be messing around with powder. I’m telling you that 3 or 4 g of Green Malay, topped up with another gram a couple of times during the evening, for a total dose of no more than 6 g over five or six hours is perfect for dealing with social anxiety problems.


How To Use Kratom For Depression

 Having talked about the best kratom for anxiety, let’s now turn to the opposite side of that coin, the best kratom for depression.

As I’ve already said, kratom for depression needs to be uplifting, because you don’t want to be dumbed down with even less mental and physical energy the depression causes on its own.

So we are looking at white kratom, or possibly green kratom here. The strains aren’t so important, it’s trying white kratom, then green kratom to see which has the best effects for you.

In terms of white kratom, I’d advice starting with the classics like Borneo and Bali, or even Vietnam white kratom. All will deliver a similarly energizing positivity.

If you don’t want quite so much energy, then green kratom is a good alternative. I’ve mentioned Green Malay, but basically, any green will do. You just need to experiment with a few to find which feels best for you in terms of its general impact.

In terms of dosing kratom for depression, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. High doses of any kratom can start to feel anaesthetizing, which can lead to you feeling very chilled out, but also it can frustrate your efforts to mentally and physically motivate yourself.

So I would stick to a moderate dose of around 5 g of white or green kratom to start off with, to see how that helps to lift your mood and physical energy levels.


Where To Buy The Best Kratom For Anxiety & Depression

I hope this has been helpful.  You can read more about legal herbs here.

When it comes to finding the best kratom for anxiety and depression to use, it’s not like other over-the-counter anxiety medication. You can’t just pick this stuff up at a chemist.

You have to buy kratom online. But you should only buy kratom online from reputable vendors.

For me, the definition of a reputable vendors is a company with a good track record, that verifiable through the anecdotal discussions on places like Reddit.

But more than that, it’s about the company testing every batch of kratom they get in, ensuring it has high alkaloid percentages, and is pure kratom with no filler powder.

The company should also have a moneyback guarantee in place, and state that their supply chain comes direct from Southeast Asia, and not through some third-party importer.

For me, I found just ONE COMPANY which really fit that criteria.

The Evergreen Tree. They tick all the quality boxes, and even let you choose the exact alkaloid content you want. The more you pay, the higher the alkaloid content is, and the lower the total dose in grams will be that you need to alleviate your anxiety or depressive symptoms.

They also do a great range of kratom capsules, and variety packs of capsules and powder.  Alongside the ability to choose from three different strengths of kratom, and you really do have a lot of combos to choose from to get the best experience.