Quick Guide: The Best Legal Herbs That Get You High

If you’re into getting high then finding psychoactive herbs that are completely legal to do the job, that doesn’t rely on narcotics or dangerous chemicals, sounds like good news. But are herbs that get you high really safe and legal?

In this quick guide, you’re going to learn everything you need to know. You’ll learn how to get high naturally, and what the top seven legal herbal highs out there are that people are using.

You’ll learn how to use them, and if there’s anything you need to watch out for. We will also talk you through the legality of these psychoactive herbs, and how to use them.

Plus, you’ll also learn where you can buy high-quality legal herbs that get you high so that you can experiment safely.

Are Psychoactive Herbs Legal?

Unfortunately, there’s no universal answer to the question of whether psychoactive herbs are legal or not.

It will depend on the country you reside in. But it’s not even a simple as that if you live in the USA. Some herbs are legal in some states, but not in others. Kratom is a classic example of this, being legal in about 30 states, but illegal in the rest.

Also, in some countries like the UK, and other countries with a blanket act that covers all psychoactive substances, then literally anything which alters your state of mind is potentially illegal.

So you’re going to have to do some local research to find out if it’s legal to buy what you’re looking for in your country. That’s not the whole story, as it could be legal to have them in your country, but not legal to buy them and export from the country you are getting them from, which can lead to the psychoactive herbs you bought being confiscated and destroyed.

Although I can’t tell you if these herbs are legal across the world, I can tell you that all seven of the psychoactive herbs I’m going to talk about in detail to you in this quick guide are legal in the majority of the USA right now, and available to buy domestically.

Are The Legal Herbs It Gets You High All Basically The Same?

There are a lot of similarities between the main legal herbs that can get you high in a natural way.

Nearly all of them are central nervous system depressants. When you look at kratom, Kava, Akuamma, Cannabis, Kanna, and Mitragyna Hirsuta, they all have alkaloids that have similar effects, many acting on the opioid receptors, while others have an affinity with the cannabinoid receptors.

Within the group I’m talking about here, blue Lotus is a little different because it is a dopamine D receptor agonist. However, its effects are broadly similar.

How Do You Make Sure You Are Safe When Taking Psychoactive Herbs?

The anecdotal evidence is mostly that all of the psychoactive herbs I’m talking about here are pretty well tolerated. That’s actually true that many others as well.

They have been in use for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and there’s just not loads of evidence that they are inherently unsafe to use.

Now obviously at high doses over many months and years, they can affect things. They can have an effect on mental health, put strain on the liver, and potentially cause other issues. But we are not talking about using them in that way if you are sensible.

As long as you are healthy, positive, and are not stacking lots of different substances and making a mess of yourself, then these simple tips will help you to experiment with psychoactive herbs in a relatively safe manner:

  • Always make sure you have someone with you, usually referred to as a sitter
  • Try the lowest possible dose first don’t start with a high dose
  • Never mix psychoactive substances
  • Never mix any psychoactive herbs with other drugs or things like alcohol
  • Make sure you are rested and in a positive mindset
  • Understand the effects of what you are taking in advance
  • Make sure you are well hydrated before, during, and after your experience
  • Don’t take herbs during the day or when performance is important

A lot of those tips are commonsense, but you will be amazed how many people ignore a lot of them. That’s where a lot of the problems occur, and when you see scare stories about kratom causing deaths, it’s actually mostly because they are taking kratom along with narcotics, or they have taken a large amount of kratom with a large amount of alcohol which has slowed the heart rate or caused them to vomit when they are asleep. That sort of outcome could apply to literally any medication that took a high dose.

Also, be aware of your mental health. When it comes to learning how to get high naturally, you have to understand most of these things are central nervous system depressants, in the same way that alcohol is. Stacking them, or taking to higher dose can slow your heart rate, make your breathing shallow, and although they can chill you out, can make you feel more depressed if you are already that way inclined.

The Top Seven Best Herbs That Get You High

So having now talked you through some of the details around herbs that get you high, let’s look at the psychoactive herbs out there that are most widely used, well-tolerated, mostly legal, and a great place to get started experimenting.

  1. Kratom

Top of anyone’s list of legal herbs to get you high has to be kratom. Little-known outside Southeast Asia and advocates around the world, it’s an incredibly flexible herb that has the ability to cut pain levels, chill you out, energize you, and get you euphorically high depending on the dose you take.

Kratom is indigenous to Southeast Asia. It’s a tree that grows mostly in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and across the island of Borneo.

It has more than 40 alkaloids in it that have been identified. As it’s a member of the caffeine family, many of these alkaloids are minor stimulants. This is why smaller doses kratom is a stimulant, regardless of whether you take white, green or red.

It’s as the dose increases that the effects of green, white, and green kratom diverge. In terms of getting high on kratom, you’re looking at a high dose of seven or more grams of high-quality kratom. To get euphorically high, many people have to take around 10 g. You should never do this unless you’ve worked your way up to see how your body responds.

Kratom euphoria tends to be more energizing on white kratom, slightly less energizing on green and an opiate-like high that makes you detached and rush madly on red kratom. But despite the subtly different types of kratom high, at such high doses, after a couple of hours, they will tip over into lethargy.

  1. Salvia

Salvia Divinorum originates from Central America, mostly in Mexico. Historically it’s been known as “Sage of the diviners”, because it was used by several civilizations during rituals where religious leaders (Shaman) would induce a visionary state using it and then make proclamations.

So Salvia can induce strong visionary experiences and at higher doses a complete change in perception, and a totally altered state of consciousness.

It’s actually amazing to me that it’s so widely legal because when you take Salvia, you are on another plane of reality within about two minutes and you stay there for about 20. That’s why a sitter is crucial when using Salvia. It alters your perception so much that you are genuinely in another world.

Originally, Salvia doses were not that strong. It would be inhaled, or chewed, and the doses historically would therefore not actually be that high. But modern Salvia is usually sold in extract form, meaning that the doses people get nowadays are significantly higher, which is why it’s such a powerful hallucinogen.

The effects of Salvia don’t really last that long though. Once you’ve inhaled it from a bong (make sure it’s a bong that cools the smoke), you’ll be hitting peak effects within two minutes, and these will tail off after about 20. You’ll need a sitter during that time because some people can get into trouble emotionally.

If you’re looking for a substance that gets you incredibly high and is genuinely one of the most potent psychoactive herbs out there, then Salvia is definitely something you’ll want to look into.

  1. Kanna

Kanna is derived from a plant that is indigenous to the southern regions of Africa, primarily what is now known as South Africa. Also known as Channa, it was first documented in Western literature in 1662 but has been widely in use since the dawn of time in that area of Africa.

Historically it’s usually chewed to extract the psychoactive chemicals, but without swallowing the actual Kanna leaves. This produces calmness, some pain relief, and at high doses moderate euphoric high.

Historically it was used by southern African warriors on return from battle, to help deal with symptoms that we would now call PTSD. It was also used for social occasions, and in tribal medicine.

Modern Kanna is actually quite high in dose compared to the traditional doses, mainly because it’s sold in a more concentrated form. This can lead to a high level of detachment and pain relief, and also it can get you high.

Kanna extract is usually around 10 times more potent than what would have been used traditionally. It can also be fermented before sale to increase its potency as well.

The best way of taking it is to chew it, or more usually and safely, to boil it to extract the alkaloids, and make it into a tea.

  1. Kava

Kava is native to the Pacific ocean and Polynesia especially and has been used for social occasions and ceremonies for millennia.

Generally, it’s a sedative that also has minor analgesic traits as well. If you take a high dose (which is quite difficult using the traditional method of drinking it as a tea) it can become mildly euphoric.

However, the modern extractions of Kava are more potent, and when made as a high dose tea, it’s quite pleasant to drink, brings detachment, happiness, relieves pain, and at higher doses can definitely be one of the herbs that get you high.

Socially, it’s used in the region it’s grown in everyday use. People just drink kava tea during the day, making them more sociable, and enlivening social experiences.

So it’s not overwhelming, but it will calm you down, chill you out, take away the pain, make you more sociable, improve your sense of wellbeing, get rid of anxiety and depression, and also at higher doses it can be one of the psychoactive herbs that get you high.

However, persistent high-dose use has been linked to liver damage, so it’s advisable to not see this as an everyday experience, but something you may be done once a week to chill yourself out and get yourself happy.

  1. Akuamma

The Akuamma tree is indigenous to Central and Western Africa, and it’s the seeds from this tree that have been ground down and used for thousands of years because of the psychoactive effects that they have.

Similar to kratom, Akuamma is an opioid receptor agonist. However, it’s only an agonist of the mu-opioid receptor, and it’s only an agonist at low affinity. So it’s not particularly strong, nor is it addictive in the way that full opioids are (that are agonist of all four opioid receptors with high affinity).

This makes it quite mild. However, it does give a sense of calm and wellbeing. It can help to relieve pain and physical aches. It will improve your mood, and at high doses can promote strong social relaxation.

Is it one of the herbs that will get you high? Well, only at very high doses, however, at a dose of around 500 mg it does have the ability to be one of the psychoactive herbs that can produce a mildly euphoric effect.

So Akuamma is not going to get you completely high, but it will make you feel mildly euphoric. It’s consumed as a tea, or in capsule form, and sometimes smoked.

  1. Blue Lotus

Used since ancient Egypt, blue Lotus can improve mood, relieve pain, and can also act as an aphrodisiac.

Confusingly, blue Lotus is also known as blue water lily, blue Egyptian Lotus and sacred blue lily.

Mostly grown along the Nile, it’s well represented in Egyptian art right back to the time of the pharaohs, showing how it’s been in use for thousands of years because of the properties it has. However, that’s not the whole story of this plant as the Maya were another civilization who used it, because it also grows along rivers in that area of the world as well.

In terms of effects, it’s a mild sedative, a central nervous system depressant in common with most of these legal herbs to get you high. It calms you down, induces a sense of wellbeing, relieves pain, and at higher doses makes you feel happy and euphoric. Some people also use it for lucid dreaming.

Blue Lotus can be consumed as a tea, and even in wine (this is depicted in ancient Egyptian art). With modern equipment, it’s also possible to use blue Lotus powder in a herb vaporizer.

Blue Lotus is available as a powder, as dried flowers, and is an extract that can be up to 50 times more potent than the natural dried leaves.

  1. Mitragyna Hirsuta

As the name suggests, Mitragyna Hirsuta is closely related to kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa). However, it does not contain the two main alkaloids that kratom does, but the ones it does have similar effects.

It’s dose-specific white kratom, and at low doses can be a stimulant, but as the dose increases, it promotes increasing analgesia, sedation, and a sense of warm wellbeing.

Though it can be taken as a powder, in the same way as kratom, by mixing with water, milk, or juice, Mitragyna Hirsuta is actually best consumed as a tea.

This can also be done with kratom, but it’s far less usual. It boiled with water to extract the alkaloids, and then filtered to get rid of the powder, leaving a warm liquid rich in the alkaloids. This is then sweetened and drunk, to produce calmness, pain relief, and a sense of happiness.

Where To Buy Herbs That Get You High Naturally

One of the biggest problems with trying psychoactive herbs of any type is getting hold of them locally. I don’t mean buying them in local stores, I mean buying them online in your own country, where it’s legal to do so, and where you’re not subject to problems crossing borders.

There are three supplies in the USA, which ship domestically to all legal states, who offer really high quality and purity in the herbs they sell. If you want to know how to get high naturally, these are the places to start:

  1. The Evergreen Tree sells awesome kratom. You can choose the actual alkaloid strength you want, with the higher strengths costing more money, obviously. They also sell the widest range of kratom powder in capsules I’ve ever seen, as well as extracts, ultra-enhanced kratom, and a wide range of Maeng Da.
  2. The second place I’d recommend you for kratom is Coastline Kratom. They have a good range, both in powder in capsules, and it’s the highest purity I think you will find anywhere in the USA. With fast shipping and purity reports on every batch they sell, if you want to just get started with great quality kratom, then they should be top of your list.
  3. Kratora (BuyKratom) also sells fantastic quality kratom. I’ll point you towards their powder sample packs if you are a beginner. These sample packs give you as many as seven different types of white, green, or red kratom, allowing you to try each experience to see which kratom works best for you. But they also sell a range of other psychoactive herbs, including kava, Kanna, and Akuamma. They are also one of the few places you can buy blue Lotus powder, leaves, and extract.
  4. For salvia, Salviaextract.com is the place I shop. They do extracts up to 140 times standard strength. That’s insane, and if you are a beginner, I would recommend you start with the 10x multiplier extract powder. Prices are good, and you’ll get fast delivery. Just make sure you have a sitter, and you take the lowest possible dose, because salvia will just knock you completely out and take you to another world for about 20 minutes.