How To Safely Get Your Cannabis Supply During A Pandemic

Unless you are the only person on earth who doesn’t realize that we are in the middle of a global pandemic, or you’ve just been so high during lockdown that you didn’t care, unfortunately it may be dawning on you, on all of us, that this isn’t going away anytime soon.

Which means that your weed supply is going to run out. If you’re in a country where it’s legalized, then it could mean you have more options than people in countries where it’s still illegal (then obviously there’s the whole state legal and federal illegal in the crazy US of A right now to deal with on top of all that).

So let’s quickly talk you through everything you need to know about getting hold of cannabis during a pandemic. Unsurprisingly, people are smoking more because they’ve been at home or, and be more anxious, so prices are going up and supplies are drying up, so let’s see what your options are.


What Are The Problems With Buying Cannabis During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Now obviously the problems you face will depend on where you are in the world. I’m going to talk generally from point of view of being in the USA, being in Canada, and also the UK and some other European countries as well.

In Canada, you’ve got cannabis retailers, and there’s even delivery services to your door. Some of these have shut, and even when they open, there will be problems with supply, and prices will go up there’s no doubt about that.

Plus, wherever you are buying your weed, you’ve got to stay safe. A lot of people smoking cannabis for medicinal purposes obviously have underlying conditions they don’t want made worse by getting hit with Covid-19.

So in the USA and Canada, with social distancing and staying safe, legally buying cannabis is going to be tough because a lot of the delivery system and a lot of the shops have shut down, although that is now changing in.

In other countries, you’ve got the problem of the fact you have to buy illegally, because cannabis in many countries like UK isn’t legal for use.

In a way, the same issues apply. You got the supply and demand problem, which means higher prices, alongside trying to social distance when you’re wandering into some drug dealer’s house, or picking up out of sight down an alley, in a restroom, or wherever you are getting the drugs from.


Are There Any Services Out There Which Can Help?

There are pickup services out there. Canada and the USA do provide the services in some areas.

The problem is that everything is overwhelmed. Anecdotal evidence in Canada and the USA show that legitimate cannabis sales are going through the roof, and the growers and sellers are struggling to keep up.

In Montréal, Canada, as an example, when retail stores reopened, there were queues of people that sometimes numbered in the hundreds waiting to get their hands on cannabis.

Now obviously, you don’t want to be in a long line of people in a pandemic, and even if you are socially distancing, it’s just a potential recipe for disaster.

In Canada, there are pickup services (herb pickup is one). That’s not the case in other countries mostly, although in the USA some areas have actually passed emergency orders allowing dispensaries of recreational cannabis to be able to deliver.


Your Options If You Are Buying Cannabis Illegally From Dealers

If you’re in an area where cannabis isn’t legal, then your options are somewhat more limited.

I’m guessing you’re going to go and buy the cannabis anyway. If you’re a regular weed smoker, you’re not going to refuse to go and see the guy you buy weed from, because we both know that you want to smoke it.

So all I can advise you on doing is to be safe. Where possible, meet the guy outside, don’t go into their apartment or whatever. Perhaps the back garden, just be upfront with them and say you’d like to try and keep you both safe.

Wear a facemask, preferably a good quality one that genuinely protects you from small particles, and make sure it’s fitted well before you meet whoever you are.

When you pick up, get them to drop it into a bag in your outstretched hands. An opaque carrier bag is fine for discretion. Then fold it up and put it in your pocket. That way there’s no contact with you, or your clothes.

Hand over your cash, then after you have left make sure you use hand sanitizer just in case. When you get home, open up what you bought, put it into your usual container, dispose of what it came in, and then wash your hands thoroughly.


The Best Options For Staying Safe And Getting Your Supply

If you’re buying legalized cannabis, and you don’t want to socially distance, how about thinking about trying something other than smoking cannabis?

There are lots of edibles, oils, and topicals out there available now. So these might be better options, especially as you could stand a better chance of getting hold of some, and getting them delivered.

I’m not going to recommend vaporization products to you, because although it’s considered one of the best ways to inhale cannabis, the evidence (the same with vaping generally) is that it can affect the lungs, and if you are suffering from an illness that has coughing, you shouldn’t be vaping, which is obviously a key symptom of coronavirus.

If you’re buying legal cannabis, then you probably don’t want to be getting desperate and think you need to buy as much as you can right now either. Not only will that make it worse for everyone, but it means some people will panic and start buying black-market cannabis from dealers.

Apart from the obvious problems with variable quality, you’ll also have high prices, and in terms of social distancing and staying safe, that’s going to be pretty tough as I’ve already discussed.

But the great news is that society is opening up again, and cannabis is still being grown.

Unless we face a second wave (or a third…or fourth), then supply should stay strong, and delivery services will become more prolific, so my advice is to look at your local service, talk to people, and find out what you can arrange locally while staying calm.

Alternatively, you could try some legal highs.  Click here to read my guide to the best legal highs you can get right now.