Privacy Policy

Bear Medicine Herbals is a website that constructively deals with herbal medicine, home remedies, cannabis use, kratom use, detoxification pills and programs, living healthily, bodybuilding, supplements, and drug testing.

This website governs the use of information collected through the website in terms of collection, storage, use, sharing with third parties, cookies, security, and changes to this privacy policy.

This privacy policy only governs the use and disclosure of information that we collect through this website. It does not pertain to third-party sites or services mentioned or linked to on the website.

How We Collect Your Personal Data

We collect personal data that is mostly nonpersonal and non-identifiable, with the exception of our contact form, in which case the collected information may be personally identifiable, depending on what you submit.

On visiting the site, your IP address will be stored. If you do not want us to know your IP address, then please do not access the site, or instead use a VPN. You can use a browser VPN, or downloadable software VPN to change your IP address.

On visiting the site, we will also collect data about the web browser and operating system that you are using to access our website from.

We also collect information through a submitted contact form. Note that this is voluntary, and the information supplied to us is at your own discretion, but will still be covered by the same data collection and privacy laws.

We will also log the date and time that an IP address access the site. This combination of IP address, date and time, browse information, and the path taken through the site, allows us to provide a better service.

How We Store & Use Your Personal Data

Your personal data is stored in the following ways:

  1. On our web server. This is in the form of server logs that log IP addresses, browsers, and date and time information, and also in on site analytical software.
  2. Our email inbox will store the details of personal information submitted through our contact form. We do not store this information on the server, the software sends the form information to us and then destroys the former contents on submission. Once we have dealt with your query, your email is deleted.
  3. The information we collect may also be used by third-party analytical software hosted both on-site and off-site for the purposes of understanding trends and better providing the service. It helps with search engine optimization work and understanding how people access our site, the paths they take through it, and where they exit the site.

Sharing Personal Data Provided

We do not share any of the personal data we obtain through the website with any third party for commercial purposes.

Therefore, your data is never shared with any third party in a way that could be identifiable, or that turns the personal data we collect into a commodity.

We do share the personal data collected with analytical software, which can be stored both on-site and off-site with third-party hosted analytical software services, such as Google Analytics, and similar services.

This data is only shared with this software for the purposes of analysis. It is not shared with the owners of the service, and it is not seen or processed by any third-party individuals.

Protecting Your Personal Data

We use industry-standard software and processes to try and keep the data that we hold secure. This involves all standard measures such as secure passwords, firewalls at site and server level, maintaining up-to-date software, and carrying out spot checks on server logs automatically.

However, it should be noted that beyond this we cannot ever ensure total security over any data we hold due to the diverse nature of potential threats and the high level of complexity some threats consist of, which is well beyond the scope of standard security protocols.

Therefore, you should be aware that we cannot ever completely guarantee data security, and by using this website you acknowledge that. If you do not wish to acknowledge this fact, then please do not use the website.

Bear Medicine Herbals Cookie Policy

cookies are small files that are stored on a user’s device when they visit or use a website. Some of these can be functional cookies that help with running the site, others can deal with third party services, while others can be affiliate cookies.

Our website uses cookies to run essential site functionality. Without these cookies, certain aspects of the site may not load all work correctly, and are detrimental to the user experience.

You can opt-out of these essential policies, but you will be acknowledging that the site may not work as you expect if you do so.

We also use affiliate cookies. These are not provided by us directly. When you click on a link that is provided by an affiliate, it will generate a cookie from the affiliate management software to be stored on your computer. This logs that you have used our affiliate link and any sale made on our affiliate website will be credited to us because of this cookie.

Affiliate cookies are usually stored for 90 days, although others can have other, or an unlimited, duration.

As with other cookies, you can stop these from being stored on your computer by opting-out in your browser or deleting them. However, as with all cookies, you should be careful about what you are deleting in case it deletes something that you found user-friendly, such as remembering logged in accounts.

Notification Of Changes To This Privacy Policy

The latest copy of this privacy policy is always on the privacy policy page you are reading now.

On publication, this copy immediately supersedes the previous version and dictates our privacy policy.

On visiting the website you should ensure that you visit this privacy policy and understand it. If you are a repeat visitor, visiting this page occasionally will help you to understand if the privacy policy under which the site is operating, and which you are agreeing to.

Questions About This Privacy Policy

Data protection legislation around the world varies. However, we do work with, and adhere to, the principles of data protection, including the right to be forgotten.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, or you wish to make a request round the data we may hold about you through provisions made in your local laws, then please feel free to contact us through the contact form on the website.

We will not reply to emails that are sent any other way, so always use the contact page to direct questions to us, as this helps us to manage the process and to ensure your data is deleted after successfully dealing with your request.